Looking forward to another Great Weekend – PAX 2010 here we come!

Penny Arcade Expo 2010 (PAX!!) IS IN 2 days!

I had to really think hard about  how many PAXs I’ve been to. In comparison to a few of my PAX friends (Jen, escaping_burger, Rez), who are 6 or 7(?) yr veterans at PAX, this will be my 5th year. I attended my very first PAX when it used to be in Bellevue, in 2006  and since then I’ve been hooked. Here was a place where I could be among like-minded individuals.  It was about meeting other gamers, playing games and having fun. One huge party, that’s for sure. Years later, and I still very much look forward to all PAX has to offer. Although it is much larger and there have been many changes/updates to the expo and in my life (absent friends will continue to be missed), I’m hoping it will be the same ol’ PAX I’ve enjoyed year after year.

And to count down to this momentous weekend, I am playing more Tetris and Mario Kart DS. I wanted to practice Tetris DS while I was at a pub the other day and my friend told me that would be strange. I argued, “…but at PAX we play DS at the restaurant.” “Yeah well that’s at PAX.” Just another reason why I love PAX.

I’ve already printed out my schedule of panels, tournaments and booths to check out. I’m also interested in checking out the first timers, The Protomen, and  the Chiptune music showcase.

Last year, I missed out on the first day of PAX, it was a sad sad day. But I’m not making the same mistake this time around, heck no, am I gonna ruin my fun. This time I will actually be there before the sun’s up Friday morn and will make sure to have extra fun for all of my friends who can’t be there this year.

Oh Yes! Time for meeting up with old friends, sharing memories of PAX’s past and all the good stuff inbetween. Can’t wait 🙂

See you there!


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