Mountain Dew, Cheetos, Mario and more…

8-bits of Destiny’s First Ever Video Game Themed Art show!

8-bits of Destiny Artshow
Nov 6, 2010
Video game themed art from 1985-1995
Organizers Mike and Gregory

PhotobucketI had the opportunity to attend the first ever, 8-bits of Destiny art show which took place last weekend at Metropolis Comics in Burnaby, BC, Canada. The organizers, Mike and Gregory, did a nice job putting it all together with help from friends and fellow artists. A comic shop may not sound like a likely choice for an artshow at first, but I think it fit perfectly. Metropolis Comics has a wide selection of comics, collectible toys, games and shirts among other items. Attendees looking to take a break from the art, had the whole store to browse, or they could play some games. Two gaming stations were set-up featuring games like Super Mario 3.

A rainy night didn’t stop people from attending this fun unique event featuring some very talented artists. Inspired by their childhood favorite video games, a small group of artists submitted artwork showcasing games from 1985-1995. Many of the artists were participating in their very first artshow!  And they all did a wonderful job!

But don’t take my word for it, here are some photos from the event.

Select  artwork is for sale and a minimum of 10% of the profit of each sale will be donated to Child’s Play Charity

PhotobucketPhotobucket ooooh! an artshow!

Photobucket“Avatar of Ultima” by my good friend, Anat

PhotobucketArtwork from Victoria, Final Fantasy 6 “I Am Not An Opera Floozy” (top) and “Your Princess is in another Castle” (bottom)

Photobucket “A Link to the Past”, one of the 3 photos submitted by Everett Jelley

PhotobucketAiden Cameron Browne’s all smiles posing by his submissions:
Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic, Donkey Kong and Shadow, Sonic and Bowser

PhotobucketA group pic of the talented artists!


PhotobucketAlbert Art’s submissions included his M. Bison, Ness, Bonk & Slime Urban Vinyl Figures

Be sure to check out the
8-bits of destiny video on youtube!

And for even more photos, check out the 8-bits of Destiny website!

Artwork will be on display at Metropolis Comics for one more week (take down is Nov 18)! So don’t miss the chance to see some awesome art!! That was one fun event!

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