Easter in Copenhagen

Living in Sweden does have it’s advantages when you feel like a weekend getaway. This Easter weekend, we spontaneously decided to take a train ride somewhere. North would have been too cold, so we decided to go visit our Danish neighbours in the South.

It was mighty easy to book the train tickets online using this site I found. And learned that Copenhagen is actually Kobenhavn in Danish. Apparently on Sundays, Trains run from Mölndal not Göteborg Central Station. But they did provide passengers with a bus from central station to make their connection.

We were rushing and thought we’d be too late and have to wave goodbye to the bus… Hahaha… but when we got there and sat down, 10 other latecomers arrived after us. The bus waited for them and left a few minutes after the scheduled departure time.

Train ride was about 3 hrs and we went across the bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark!! Very exciting stuff! We also rode in the ‘Dog Friendly’ car hehe

Kobenhavn Central Station

Copenhagen has so much character and the architecture is beautiful. We went up to the top of “Church of Our Saviour” to see the view of the city and it was just amazing!

“Church of Our Saviour”

We climbed up many stairs to get to the very top, the majority of the journey was inside thankfully!

We thought this dude was a character with his huge red bowtie!

Christianna – “Freetown” was an interesting place. Once an old miltary area, now home to 800+ residents who have their own special rules that the government can’t do much about. It was a nice mx of locals, hippies, and tourists.

Enjoying a hot drink on a beautiful day in Copenhagen

One of the most visited spots in Denmark is “The Little Mermaid”, which we have a copy of back home in Stanley Park. But ours has fins and a scuba mask because they couldn’t get the license to make a copy of the original statue in Copenhagen.

Not a very clear photo because it was just after sunset

Delicious dinner (Lamb and Salmon) at Nyhavn right by the canal, although it was too cold to sit outside after the sun was setting so we warmed up inside.

Here’s a photo from earlier in the day at Nyhavn.

Happy Easter Everyone!


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