The Snowy City of Göteborg



Photo from Jan 24, 2015 although it looks like it could be from the 1800s lol

(Catching up on some old posts)

I’d say we’ve been pretty lucky to have some mild winters in Sweden. Everyone has always warned us of the crazy temperatures of -20 below, but somehow it’s only ever been between -5 to -10 at the lowest for us.

It is nice to get some proper snow this winter and not have it washed away with the rain the next day (which is typical weather back home).

Here are some photos from snowy Göteborg:

20150124_153205 20150124_155845

Snow kitty!



There must have been a Trekkie around (me hahaha)


Snow can be beautiful, but I’m ready for spring! Just this weekend we had more wet snow and windy conditions…when spring will arrive remains to be seen. At least it is getting brighter with the sun setting around 5:30-6pm now 🙂


A Visit to the Tandläkaren



What’s it like to go to the dentist in Sweden? I’ve always tried to avoid things like massages,visits to the doctor and dentist appointments while living in Sweden. For one, I can always get this down back home, and I always thought it would cost a lot more (massages definitely cost more than back home actually).

Just my luck that my dentist back home cancelled my appointment and I wasn’t able to check that off my to-do list. I would have put it off until the summer, but I started feeling like I might have a cavity. It was just the holidays and I had been eating quite a few sweets recently.

I decided to select a dentist that was in my area so it would be easy to get to from work. I sent in a question via their online contact form asking if they were accepting new patients and got a reply the next day. They had an appointment that same week and just in case something was seriously wrong with my teeth, I decided to take it.

When I got to the dentist office, I had to fill in the usual forms when you are a new patient. Medical history, current health, allergies and any concerns or medication. Filling out forms in another language is a bit tricky when the medical terminology used aren’t words you have heard or learned before. There was also this beautiful view of a church outside that was pretty distracting 😉


View from the dentist waiting room

Once that was done, they called me into the room and asked me what I would like to have done today. This was somewhat of a surprise but one I appreciated. Back home, I am so used to having to tell them what I do not want to get done. They always have their own list of procedures each visit, which includes things that I don’t believe to be necessary every 6 months – like X-rays or the fluoride rinse.

I was impressed with how fancy and new all the equipment looked in this dental office. I thought for sure this is going to cost me. But I ended up paying around the same price as I pay back home, and this visit even included X-rays because of my concern that I may have cavities.

The next thing that surprised me was, after the X-rays were finished, the hygienist left to call the dentist in. I thought ok, he’s going to do the quick exam before the actual cleaning, but after he did the exam he said he would begin to remove the tartar or ‘Tah Tar’ as he pronounced it off my teeth. And the hygienist was just there standing by with the suction during the cleaning.

Flossing really does help, and the removal of the tartar wasn’t as bad as some visits. At the end, he said that coming back in 6 months wasn’t necessary and next year is probably best. Next year?! They always automatically book dentist appointments every 6 months back home. Do we just care more about our teeth in North America or do they want more money from us??

teethvackra tänder! (beautiful teeth)

There are some differences between visiting a dentist in Sweden versus visiting one back home, and one is not necessarily better than another. I’m just glad I got it taken care of. No free toothbrush or toothpaste though.

Happy to be Cavity free and have beautiful clean teeth.

Geronimo Bie Canadian Boxer Documentary Movie



Before there was Manny Pacquiao there was Geronimo Bie, a Filipino Canadian boxer from Vancouver, BC…

I am very excited about my bro’s upcoming boxing documentary. Global News first aired his story: A local kid, the first Filipino Canadian boxer to box for the Canadian National team in the 1980s.

Help finish the movie by making a donation!

Check out the Indiegogo campaign:


Thanks for reading (and thank you for donating!)

Doing Caturday right



“I think I smell food. Yeah me too.”

Recently, I have started volunteering at a cat shelter on Saturdays (Caturdays). It has been one of the most rewarding volunteering experiences I’ve had and I’ve done A LOT of volunteering.

Cuddling and snuggling with the cats and kittens is on the ‘Volunteer checklist’ along with feeding them, giving them water and cleaning their litter boxes.

I’ve missed having my own cat at home since moving to Sweden. Yes, I’ve thought about adopting a cat, but because we are traveling so often here, I decided against it. I am considering fostering a cat if they need a foster home though. Otherwise, spending Saturday mornings with the cats and kittens works out just fine. I also get to practice my Swedish with the other volunteers.


It definitely beats the Neko cafe we visited in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Those cats were so spoiled they wouldn’t even let anyone pet them.

20141025_121304 20141025_105903
20141018_105353 20141018_105347


If you’re thinking about getting a cat this holiday season, think about adopting one from your local cat shelter and not your local pet store.