Geronimo Bie Canadian Boxer Documentary Movie



Before there was Manny Pacquiao there was Geronimo Bie, a Filipino Canadian boxer from Vancouver, BC…

I am very excited about my bro’s upcoming boxing documentary. Global News first aired his story: A local kid, the first Filipino Canadian boxer to box for the Canadian National team in the 1980s.

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Check out the Indiegogo campaign:


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F Cancer and Run!



A few weekends ago, we participated in the “F cancer and Run” 10K here in Göteborg, Sweden. Also known as “Fight” or “Fuck” Cancer and Run.

This year we have been running quite a bit and wanted to push ourselves to try for an organized run. We signed up for this one before the summer and didn’t think about it until a month before (while on honeymoon). We were able to do some training runs a couple weeks before the race but we were also just returning from a summer of eating our way through Italy, so I was a little nervous. It was my first organized run since moving here and my husband’s first ever 10K. He actually did quite well!

The ‘F Cancer and Run’ 10K is a much smaller race than say, the Vancouver sun run or the Half Marathon in Göteborg, but there was still a good turnout. It was also a little different to be doing a run in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning like other runs.

A funny thing about the race route was it took us right by the area where I work. Weird to be there on a Saturday. Hahaha but it was worth it!

Some thoughts on the race:
-Snacks were provided at the end of the race which included KEX Swede Chocolate bars!
-Not too many people so it wasn’t super crowded during the run.
-Beautiful sunny weather.
-Nice race route.

-There was just 1 water station at the 6K mark.
If you didn’t carry a water bottle with you, you could get really thirsty.
-The end of the race route could be improved.
It was a bit confusing whether we were done..and having to run around the race track again like we did at the start felt long and slow.

I did this run in memory of my mom who passed away from Breast cancer when I was younger. This was also nice to do in lieu of running the CIBC Breast Cancer Awareness run in Vancouver this year. We will definitely consider doing this run again next time!

20140920_152214The Race started here at the city arena


Pre-race vew. Usually this is used as a Go-karting race track.


A better view of the race track from the Göta älvbron (bridge)


Walking back to the city centre across the bridge exhausted,
but extremely proud of ourselves. 

VIFF 2011 – Woman in a Septic Tank Review

Vancouver, Canada – The first feature film by director Marlon Rivera, Woman in a Septic Tank (Ang Babae sa Septic Tank), is a welcome change to the usual ‘poverty porn’ churned out by Filipino filmmakers.

A satire on Filipino filmmaking, the story follows two Indie filmmakers as they plan out their latest project ‘Walang Wala’ or ‘With Nothing’,  about a mother, Mila (Eugene Domingo) who is forced to sell her child to survive.

The director’s clever formula focuses on a few of Mila’s sequences retold in many different ways,  as it seems everyone has their own idea on how the part should be played. Rivera does a wonderful job of going back and forth between the ‘Walang Wala’ film and the filmmakers’ story.

There were a few lengthy scenes that could have been shortened and improved, specifically those used in the initial sequences. How many times does the viewer need to watch Mila scoop soup into bowls?

Other than that, the characters were relatable, the dialogue was witty and humourous and the actors’ performances were lively and enthusiastic . Along with a plethora of jokes about prize-winning Pinoy movies, not to mention the ‘septic tank’ scene, Woman in a Septic Tank is a brilliant, entertaining film that is sure to appeal to both a Filipino and Non-Filipino audience alike.

Filipino Indie cinema has come a long way with this offering from Marlon Rivera.  The film sends out a message to other Filipino filmmakers that there is no need to purely focus or limit one’s self to poverty related stories just because you want to tell a story about the Philippines.There are so many more stories just waiting to be told.

Judging on how this film is being received, the Filipino audience is ready for them. Hopefully, other Indie directors will take note and follow suit.

Woman in a Septic Tank had it’s first international premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival(VIFF) on Monday, Oct 3. The film has also been selected as the Philippines contender for the foreign-language Oscar.

Check out the full trailer below:

Gears of War 3 Launch Party

Brothers to the End

Vancouver, Canada – Gears of War fans were treated to free bandanas, air brush tattoos, locust skewers, and a chance to play horde mode with their ‘squads’ at the Gears of War 3 Launch Party (Sept 10, 2011).

Whether on twitter, through xbox live emails or just by word of mouth, Gears fans lined up at the docks in Vancouver for a chance to play Gears of War 3.

The vancouver docks at the foot of main street provided the perfect industrial setting for the event. They even had tubs of ‘used cooking oil’ sitting around. Props?

BBQ Locust station

Wood carver station

Those lucky enough to have tickets (earned if they visited the butcher – save-on-meats – for locust meat 2 days prior to the event), also got a free Gears T-shirt!

Is Locust meat kosher?

It was a really fun event and although there were lines, it moved fast. One fan in line-up even said that it was much better than the Gears of War line at this year’s PAX. Probably true as most lines at this year’s PAX were ridiculous.

The event was organized in a way that you move with your squad of 5 to the various stations. When you first arrive, and get through the first line, you receive your Gears of War bandana (and t-shirt if u have a ticket). And if you don’t have a group of 5 friends, you meet some random people and form a squad.

The ballot station is next. Here you enter a drawing for a wood carving of the gears logo. It was neat watching the wood carver at work.

Wood carver showcasing his carving skills. Wonder why he didn’t just use his lancer…

Once that’s done, you move on to the Air brush tattoo station where you get your very own tattoo. It’s the most popular game tattoo done apparently.

And then it’s off to the grub station where they gave us Locust meat on a skewer with a side of crickets.

Mmm that was some tasty locust..oh and the crickets weren’t bad either. Tasted like sunflower seeds.

We had to wait in two more lineups before we actually got to play the game. Each squad was given two chances to play starting on Wave 8. Our squad didn’t do that well, considering only a few of us even knew how to play. I remember having to revive my teammates more than a few times. But it was fun nonetheless. New weapons, levels and characters, Can’t wait to play more!

On your way out you could also choose to take your photo with the lancer in front of a green screen. And they also handed out free Energizer batteries for your controller! Woohoo!


The staff of the event were dressed in army gear with bloody noses etc. They said they didn’t advertise this event as much as their last launch because they feared masses of fans would show up like they did at the Halo launch.

Gears of War 3 comes out Sept 20th, 2011. Midnite launch at Cambie Best Buy, Sept 19th.

A Storybook ending to the 2010 Winter Olympics

Hockey is Canada’s Game.

Sidney Crosby’s “golden goal” not only won the Men’s Hockey game but our last Gold medal for the Winter Olympics on Sunday. It was the cherry on top to a successful Olympic Games.

After that phenomenal finish, the city and the nation erupted in cheers, celebrating the victory with random hi-fives and plenty of hugs! No major incidents of rioting occurred and the city celebrated in the  ‘safest’ way raves the media. Far from the 1994 riots when the Vancouver Canucks lost the NHL finals, Vancouver has “matured and grown up since then”, partying hard, but partying a lot more responsible says local media. London’s turn next, with the Summer Olympics in 2012 and they are aiming to set the same standards of safety as well.

Here’s a shot of people leaving Canada Hockey Place marching toward Robson Square, the central party location.


What an incredible ending to the 2010 Winter Olympics! 17 days have come and gone and there are a few of us that wish it didn’t have to end. I, myself, was just getting used to streaming the Olympics at work to see what events were on each day. I suppose we still have the Paralympics in a couple weeks, but they aren’t as popular. Nor will there be as many pavilions to visit. However, they do promise that a few of the Olympic pavilions will remain open including the popular zipline across Robson Square. Maybe I’ll get a chance to go on it this time.

Even if Rick Hansen, Canadian Paraplegic athlete, was one of the final torchbearers, the exterior cauldron at waterfront has been extinguished at the close of the games.


Here’s a crowd shot from Sunday night at Robson Square:


A few more photos from one of the Livecity locations – Yaletown:

Coca-cola House!

Rain didn’t stop the party. Livecity Yaletown remained crowded throughout the last rainy weekend of the Olympics.

Girl Talk was a late addition to the performers at Livecity Yaletown on Friday and he definitely got the crowd jumpin’.

26 total medals, 14 of which were Gold. We didn’t own the podium placing 3rd in overall medal count but we did own the Gold Podium!!

Admit it. Vancouver was an excellent host to the world! And we all had a wonderful time. Goodbye to all the visitors, come back soon!!

My top 10 memorable moments during the Olympics:
10. Streaming Olympics events at my comp during work
9. Steve Nash House – Work out then get free food and watch the Olympics
8. Holding the Olympic and Paralympic medals
7. Meeting up with visiting friends like Nelson and Alisson and talking to strangers about our fair city
6. Seeing the Torch pass by before reaching it’s final stop! What an amazing feeling.
5. Pavilion hopping..German Fan House was pretty awesome
Saurkraut and Bratwurst mmmmm
4. Seeing the first Gold medal on Home soil won at the Bell Ice Cube.
3. Attending Women’s hockey game and them telling me my seats have been upgraded to AWESOME
2. Running in the streets after Gretzky on his way to light the exterior cauldron.
1. Watching hockey with a gazillion others, cheering and hi-fiving strangers with my red mittens when the Men’s Hockey team wins. Yeah baby Yeah!

(While taking photos of it all ^_^)



Nelson and Alisson joined me for a tasty dinner


German fan house! That girl in the foreground is wondering where the saurkraut is too.


Women’s hockey at thunderbird arena


Steve Nash House


Bell Ice Cube ^_^


The End.

JoCo’s sold out show

Companion Cube Cupcake was delicious. (thanks Sarah!)


Jonathan Coulton along with friends Paul and Storm and Molly ( (SweetAfton23) w/ her ukelele) performed to a sold out crowd at the Rio Theatre last Thursday. And what a show it was! Between songs the performers poked fun at the Canadian audience comprised of geeks, nerds and lovers of comedic,quirky music. Remarks about Canadian vocabulary and all things Canadian and of course anything nerdy and geeky made the audience yell out all sorts of things back at the performers.  At one point one of the guys from Paul and Storm asked what the number for the police was up here. One guy yelled out 912 and he was actually like…really?? If you didn’t have a code for stupid American, I guess you do now, he said. Hahaha…

Seeing them last perform at PAX in Seattle, Paul and Storm’s fighting nun song was one of my favorites. They put on a very entertaining show. They even laughed at themselves when they weren’t sure what song they’d be performing next 🙂


Balcony seating wasn’t too bad because we had the vantage point.


JoCo’s first visit to Vancouver

When it was Jonathan Coulton’s turn, he played a few songs with Paul and Storm and Molly and even let Molly perform a couple by herself. The one I remember her doing was about the Lincoln assassination.

Jonathan Coulton was only allowed to play until 11pm, but he said if that wasn’t a restriction for the venue, he would have gladly played till 3 in the morning. They did let him play one last song to close out the show just after 11pm.

Friends later told me they lined up at 5:20pm (for the 7:30pm show) and were number 60 in line!! The crowd really got into the performance. Even approaching the stage to ‘eat his brains’ during the ‘Eat your brains’ song.
Other songs his set included were:

-Bills Bills Bills (written by Barry Gibbs) <- hilarious lyrics made for a funny rendition of the song
-Code monkey
-My Monkey
-Creepy doll
-Fancy pants
-Skullcrusher mountain
-Still Alive (Best known as the Portal song – Sarah from the audience was handing out mini cupcakes and gave one to JoCo right before this song – he said it was Companion cube cupcake and ate it in one bite, before taking a sip of his sleeman’s amber ale)
-Becoming a parent – you ruined everything, although he did admit it is the most rewarding thing seeing them grow and smile (after the initial shock of course)

Jonathan Coulton knows how to put on a great performance and we all had a great time!
Check him out here

And don’t forget to check out:
Paul and Storm

Paul and Storm can be seen next playing in Seattle and Portland at wOOtstock!

Winter Olympics 2010 – First week

Weather is not something we can control…

Okay, so foreign and local press have said that there have been so many things going wrong at the Winter games that it may be worst games ever… You know what, weather isn’t something that can be controlled. AND there’s really no denying that Vancouver is the place to be for the next couple of weeks, rainy weather or not. The Winter games though far from imperfect, has made the city come to life with so much to see and do. So they’ve had more than a few glitches…I think the city is compensating for those glitches, fixing what they can as they go. And Yes, the typical Vancouver rain was hanging around the first few days, causing issues up in Whistler, but the sun now continues to shine, let’s hope it stays that way into next week.

So many free things to do also means many line ups for food, to get into venues, or the Olympic Store downtown. It’s like an outdoor concert, which spans across the entire downtown core. It also means a ridiculous increase in food/drink prices and events being at capacity. But if you are willing to wait in those hour long sometimes longer, lineups you will be treated to a live band, food+drink and a great atmosphere. Where else can you party with people from around the world?

Unlike many lucky people who took vacation during this time, I have to work during the games, so I try to stream the daily action and listen to the audio. After work it’s off to meet friends, enjoy the free pavilions or just watch some Olympic action. Have yet to attend an Olympic event but looking forward to a Women’s Hockey game this weekend! Every night it’s been packed at the different ‘houses’  and pavilions. But I am not about to go out every night. I’d prefer to be smart about it. With some places charging 18% gratuity (Cactus Club is among them), and $8 beer, $8-12 burgers, it totally adds up and isn’t necessarily worth it.

Here are some tips when walking around the pavilions:

  • dress warmly, gloves, toque(or beanie if you’re American), good walking shoes
  • bring cash, noone takes your plastic at the tents
  • camera to take photos
  • wear your colors, whatever country you want to support

Enjoy your stay and the Winter games!





An Upcoming Local Event

Finally a New Post….

I have to admit, it’s hard to get a new post in when you’ve been away from the blogging scene for so long. And it doesn’t help when I missed out on PAX this year 😦

From what I’ve heard/read the 3-day seattle expo received some mixed reviews from convention-goers. Regardless, I would of had more to say if I had attended. Instead, I was off on a trip of my own to Hawaii.



My DS came in handy on several occasions when my 3-year old cousin needed some entertainment on the long drives. “But where is Trevor?? and his Whip?” He repeatedly asked when I was playing Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. He is used to seeing the original Castlevania on the NES, which his parents introduced him too.

And now for the ‘actual’ blog update…

SPARK Animation ’08
Celebrating Inspiration and Innovation
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver’s Animation industry may be going through a rough time but one would never guess there are unsettling times ahead seeing that the city will host the SPARK Animation Festival this week.

Wednesday, Sept 10th marks the first day of the first annual SPARK Animation Festival, presented by Vancouver ACM SIGGRAPH and the Vancity Theatre. The 5-day festival runs until Sunday, Sept 14th and will include various panels/talks, presentations, and premiere screenings. With a great group of speakers lined up, from directors, animators and filmmakers you don’t want to miss the opportunity to attend.

Featured guests include:
-John Stevenson & Mark Osborne (Directors of Kung Fu Panda)
-Jimmy Hayward & Steve Martino (Directors of Horton Hears a Who!
-Paul Topolos (Pixar)

Panels include:
-“Animation in Games”
-“Moving Forward in Animation by Looking at the Past”
-“Women in Animation

Screenings include:
-“Kung Fu Panda”
-“The Pixar Story”
-“Allegro non Troppo”
-“Marv Newland Retrospective”

The festival takes place at the Vancity Theatre, but note that Wednesday’s sessions will be at Empire Granville 7 Cinemas.

For full details on the event or to register, be sure to check out the festival’s webpage.

VIDFest 2008: “Finding the Balance and Simplicity”

Vancouver International Digital Festival 2008 (VIDFest)
Being Present in a Digital World: Finding balance and simplicity
Yoshi Arima
There is no question that in today’s digital age, one is busier than ever before. With work, home and leisure activities plus everything else that pops up in our lives, trying to find that balance beneath the chaos is a something everyone struggles with.

EA Interface Designer, Yoshi Arima’s presentation on “Finding Balance and Simplicity”gave us a brief look at his life’s “timeline” as he shared what worked for him in simplifying an overly complicated life.


Simplicity Flower. During our infancy, we have simplicity. In the beginning we have an innate passion to explore, he starts, but warnings which we may still replay in our heads, about what is not safe to do or interact with, clutter up our mind. As adults, the simplicity flower that once existed is replaced by a world of complexity. Our ‘pizza pies’ are filled with many more “toppings” than we can handle. A return to simplicity may be possible, and it starts with breaking down your tasks and getting them into a “trusted system” such as a journal.


Nana korobi ya-oki (Fall seven times, get up eight) You just get better and improve after overcoming each struggle.

Throughout each of our lives, we have most likely encountered a stage where we did not feel we were being challenged and making it feel like a complete waste of time. But Yoshi notes that we can take something from every situation. We are learning, gaining that needed work experience, even meeting the people that change our lives (Yoshi met his wife during a tough period of his life where he was dissatisfied with his job). With the ‘nonsense’ that we encounter in our lives, we should feel gratitude and acceptance no matter how good or bad a situation we are in.

Yoshi also touched on meditation. Of course with meditation there are different levels associated with it, but really it is about being in the moment at that moment, quieting all that noise around you. It may be just you focusing on a tree as it blows in the wind while taking a breather from your work. This can be extremely beneficial to getting through your task. Giving your mind a break will help it re-focus when you are frustrated with a problem and still thinking about a solution.


Along with being a poet, free spirit and artist, Yoshi Arima is also a fantastic presenter! Clear and articulate, his easy-going yet confident manner captured the audience’s attention, while his fun humorous visual presentation provided the perfect combination of information and entertainment. This session had to be one of the most enjoyable at this year’s VIDfest. It was memorable not only for its content but also for Yoshi’s ability to draw in his audience, his passion and enthusiasm.

Check out more on Yoshi’s slide presentation and blog here

VIDFest 2008: Vancouver’s Digital Festival

Vancouver International Digital Festival 2008 (VIDFest)

May 21 – 24, 2008

With the continued growth of the Digital Media industry in British Columbia VIDFest 2008 provided the opportunity to take a look at the latest trends and markets.

This annual Vancouver event took place over the period of four days and featured a slew of activities such as conference sessions, an awards gala, an international partnering forum, a pitch fest, and even a recruiting fair.

The festival, which is organized by New Media BC, changed venues this year to Granville Island and included a keynote by Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, Wired Magazine: The Economy of ‘Free'(sponsored by Nexon Humanature).


Similar to the previous year’s VIDFest, there was no shortage of opportunities to learn and network with visionaries from games and digital entertainment, Web 2.0, interactive design, animation and mobile applications.

And amid the networking, festival goers were also treated to VIDFest ‘s innovative and informative sessions such as “Being Present in a Digital World: Finding balance and simplicity” and “Do-gooding in a digital age” which definitely contributed to an overall successful festival.