Mountain Dew, Cheetos, Mario and more…

8-bits of Destiny’s First Ever Video Game Themed Art show!

8-bits of Destiny Artshow
Nov 6, 2010
Video game themed art from 1985-1995
Organizers Mike and Gregory

PhotobucketI had the opportunity to attend the first ever, 8-bits of Destiny art show which took place last weekend at Metropolis Comics in Burnaby, BC, Canada. The organizers, Mike and Gregory, did a nice job putting it all together with help from friends and fellow artists. A comic shop may not sound like a likely choice for an artshow at first, but I think it fit perfectly. Metropolis Comics has a wide selection of comics, collectible toys, games and shirts among other items. Attendees looking to take a break from the art, had the whole store to browse, or they could play some games. Two gaming stations were set-up featuring games like Super Mario 3.

A rainy night didn’t stop people from attending this fun unique event featuring some very talented artists. Inspired by their childhood favorite video games, a small group of artists submitted artwork showcasing games from 1985-1995. Many of the artists were participating in their very first artshow!  And they all did a wonderful job!

But don’t take my word for it, here are some photos from the event.

Select  artwork is for sale and a minimum of 10% of the profit of each sale will be donated to Child’s Play Charity

PhotobucketPhotobucket ooooh! an artshow!

Photobucket“Avatar of Ultima” by my good friend, Anat

PhotobucketArtwork from Victoria, Final Fantasy 6 “I Am Not An Opera Floozy” (top) and “Your Princess is in another Castle” (bottom)

Photobucket “A Link to the Past”, one of the 3 photos submitted by Everett Jelley

PhotobucketAiden Cameron Browne’s all smiles posing by his submissions:
Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic, Donkey Kong and Shadow, Sonic and Bowser

PhotobucketA group pic of the talented artists!


PhotobucketAlbert Art’s submissions included his M. Bison, Ness, Bonk & Slime Urban Vinyl Figures

Be sure to check out the
8-bits of destiny video on youtube!

And for even more photos, check out the 8-bits of Destiny website!

Artwork will be on display at Metropolis Comics for one more week (take down is Nov 18)! So don’t miss the chance to see some awesome art!! That was one fun event!

A Successful PAX/Bumbershoot weekend

PAX 2010 comes to an end

A somewhat late blog post (I blame exhaustion from a fun wknd and getting sick afterwards), but better late than never.



PAX never disappoints. In my 5 years of attending PAX I have always left with that wonderful feeling of happiness and satisfaction from a fantastic weekend (followed by a sad feeling that it has come to an end..) This year, was no exception. Another amazing weekend at PAX meeting friends, long sleepless nights and FUN (Lots of it).

I had an incredibly fun time at PAX Prime hangin’ out with old friends, attending various get-togethers and taking in as much as I could of the ‘PAX’ experience. By the end of it though, I was sick of 2 things: Tap House Grill, this place is just good for happy hour and other events, NOT for a sit down meal. I was disappointed with my Filet-O-Fish salmon burger. and 2)just sick in general (lack of sleep + very unhealthy eating and maybe some geek germs), at least it wasn’t swine. Circa PAX ’09.

Photobucket1UP Meetup From Left to Right, Rez, cdngrrl, 1UP Community Manager, Tina, Kevin, Jen, Davin

I attended a couple of panels (Mega64, Aion panel and one of the PAX 10 panels), never did that last year, and also found some time to play in the hand-held lounge. Unfortunately, my Tetris DS Tourney results were mediocre. The person who beat me went on to win bronze. The top dog of the tournament, Chris, was a fierce opponent but he was extremely humble about his win. We kept seeing him around after the tourney and I joked that he was taunting us from afar.


Chris, Tetris DS Tourney Champion

The trip was not without a few hiccups though. For one, I printed the wrong page for the pax badge confirmation so that caused some delay picking up the badges. I also didn’t pack the right SD card for my camera so I had to keep deleting video/photos when it filled up.

My hunt for swag in the expo hall wasn’t a complete success either. I spied so many of those blue slime bags from Nintendo, but when I went over there and then later sent ppl to check the booth for me, I discovered that they ran out :/ A few oversized Tees (that included a cool Tron shirt that glows in the dark), lanyards and buttons, made up my swag pile this year. Luckily those minor things didn’t decrease my overall enjoyment of the expo.


TRON Bike!!


My favorite memories from the weekend, aside from taking pics jumping from the window sill to the bed include of course meeting new and old 1UP friends w/ quite a few cameos (like Davin and Wayne), definitely the road trip “To” (aside from the Border wait and being uber tired from waking up early for the drive) and “From” PAX (drivin’ in the pouring rain but we made it back safe and sound), and the Bumbershoot concerts I did end up seeing once I ‘escaped’ from PAX at the end of the day.

Random Shots from around the Expo


Rez and Wayne playing Kill Zone.


Yup, have to throw in a bean bag pic. I swear this is the same photo I take every year!


Waiting in line, I spotted a  cute link bunny plush.

Photobucket Awesome Ulala costume. Up,  Down,  Right, Left, Shoot Shoot Shoot. The only thing missing was a Morolian 🙂


Heard people say they wondered if Vega had a ‘pretty face’ under that mask. LOL

PhotobucketLong line up to try the multiplayer of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

Assassin’s Creed brotherhood was pretty fun. I had to play on the PS3 side but the controls were easy enough.

I also talked to some Frag doll cadettes in line who told me to check out the Frag Dolls’ Website. Any girl with a passion for playing games is welcome to apply to be a cadette and get a chance to travel to different expos and learn about the industry.


This was the first year I also planned to check out Seattle’s music and art festival, Bumbershoot during PAX weekend. Edward Sharpe, Hole and Weezer were the only musical acts I was able to see. I’m actually surprised that I managed to escape PAX for a bit and make it to any shows. Also made sure to see the art on display there, like graffiti trash bins and a sculpture made out of popsicle sticks woven together.


Concerts under the Space needle 🙂

A visit to Twin Peaks


It started to rain and certain members of our party were feeling ill that day, but we still got a chance to visit twede’s cafe (Double R Diner) and The Great Northern and Twin Peaks Falls. The famous cherry pie,  topped with a generous helping of soft serve ice cream, was delicious. Even if I was full from my meal I had to try it! Maybe I should have taken a pie home with me.

Twin Peaks falls!

Overall, the weekend was filled with loads of fun and good memories. Those who have yet to experience PAX should definitely make plans to check it out at least once in their lifetime! See you guys next year!


This photo can pretty much sum up my whole PAX experience ^_^

Looking forward to another Great Weekend – PAX 2010 here we come!

Penny Arcade Expo 2010 (PAX!!) IS IN 2 days!

I had to really think hard about  how many PAXs I’ve been to. In comparison to a few of my PAX friends (Jen, escaping_burger, Rez), who are 6 or 7(?) yr veterans at PAX, this will be my 5th year. I attended my very first PAX when it used to be in Bellevue, in 2006  and since then I’ve been hooked. Here was a place where I could be among like-minded individuals.  It was about meeting other gamers, playing games and having fun. One huge party, that’s for sure. Years later, and I still very much look forward to all PAX has to offer. Although it is much larger and there have been many changes/updates to the expo and in my life (absent friends will continue to be missed), I’m hoping it will be the same ol’ PAX I’ve enjoyed year after year.

And to count down to this momentous weekend, I am playing more Tetris and Mario Kart DS. I wanted to practice Tetris DS while I was at a pub the other day and my friend told me that would be strange. I argued, “…but at PAX we play DS at the restaurant.” “Yeah well that’s at PAX.” Just another reason why I love PAX.

I’ve already printed out my schedule of panels, tournaments and booths to check out. I’m also interested in checking out the first timers, The Protomen, and  the Chiptune music showcase.

Last year, I missed out on the first day of PAX, it was a sad sad day. But I’m not making the same mistake this time around, heck no, am I gonna ruin my fun. This time I will actually be there before the sun’s up Friday morn and will make sure to have extra fun for all of my friends who can’t be there this year.

Oh Yes! Time for meeting up with old friends, sharing memories of PAX’s past and all the good stuff inbetween. Can’t wait 🙂

See you there!


Nimoy and Shatner entertain Trekkies in Vancouver

Creation Entertainment’s Trek Convention 2010


What do you get when you take Trekkies, Red Shirts, Tribbles, and a few wonderful Star Trek actors? You’ve got yourself a fun Trek con, and this time, in my own city!

I’ve been really lucky to have already met more than a few Trek actors in my lifetime but this was the first time I’d meet them at my first Trek con. Nimoy and Shatner were in attendance too, a definite plus.

One of my favorite things about going to conventions is meeting the actors who put so much into the roles we know and love. It’s great to hear how they got started or what their favorite memories were about working on the show/movie.


Our preferred tickets were $70 but we weren’t even that close :/

On Sunday, Nimoy and Shatner took the stage and told stories about what they’ve been up to. Constant bickering between the two kept the crowd entertained.  I, myself, couldn’t stop laughing.

Shatner told us about his Vancouver Winter Olympics experience and joked about how he was able to get 6 tickets to the US Canada Gold medal hockey game. He also mentioned a new project he’ll be working on about the Star Trek Captains. That, I’m very much looking forward to.

Nimoy spoke about his trip to Vulcan, Alberta and how Shatner stood him up at breakfast. He asked us to reply, with  “oooooh”. Whenever he mentioned it, to embarrass Shatner. He also went on to remind the audience that he has announced his retirement. And for the first time he won an award for his guest starring role in Fringe. I still have to start watching that show!

The vendor room unlike most conventions I’ve been to, was pretty lame. There were only a few booths with not much selection in terms of toys and memorabilia and  to my disappointment local businesses, like the comic book shops didn’t have any booths to display their trek toys. Even so, I picked up two cool mugs and two cast photos that I hope to get signed in the coming years.


They let me trade in one of my mugs for this Klingon mug they “claimed” was the last one.

Another fun thing about attending conventions is meeting other fans! And there were quite a few of them who came in costume! Many of my fellow Star Trek fans didn’t even look like they were out of the Trekkies movie with Denise Crosby. LOL! It was nice to meet other people who agreed that things at the con were indeed the photo op and autographs ($79 photo op with Nimoy and Shatner!!)


The only Data at the con, took first place at the Costume Contest on Saturday


Most of these uniforms were handmade! Even her blue antennae…


…and his Geordi La Forge Visor!



Who doesn’t like tribbles (Klingons)?

The trek con definitely was the highlight of my bday wknd 🙂


Hopefully Creation Entertainment decides to come back next year ( with a better vendors room)! Looking forward to it! LLAP!


Night at the Arcade

I really only care if I have quarters when I need them for a) parking or b) arcade machines. Having a plethora of free games in my own home, trips to an arcade haven’t been as much fun since I was a kid trapped in a Nevada casino, where the arcades were the only places kids could roam free. Recently though, I spent a few fun hours in a local arcade. Amid the usual games on my playlist, (Taiko Drum!), I found some new ones that were surprisingly fun as well.

Magical Drop II
This puzzle game took me a few tries to actually get. It reminded me of “Sega Swirl” where u have to group the ‘drops’ of the same color to get rid of them and either clear the specified number of drops or just beat player 2 by filling their screen. There were a few characters you could select but the funniest one would have to be the girl character below.

PhotobucketEvery time I show this photo to someone, they laugh. What could it be? Probably the “Milk jugs”.

PhotobucketSee, they are just jugs after all.

Tokyo Bus Guide
Another game I tried for the first time was Tokyo Bus Guide. A game set in Tokyo! I have always had a fascination for games set in Tokyo or featuring levels in Japan, from my old favorites Shenmue, Jet Grind  Radio (Jet Set Radio on the Xbox) and Metropolis Street Racer to The World Ends With You. Driving a bus through Tokyo. Now if that’s not cool, tell me what is.


Forgetting to close the door before getting under way means you are penalized a number of points. Lose too many points and your time as a bus driver ends..sometimes pretty abruptly.

The game was in Japanese, so we didn’t understand the warnings but we were able to figure out the controls. Close door, drive, announce stop, signal, stop, repeat.  As long as we obeyed the basic driving rules, stayed below the speed limit and remembered to yield for cars, avoiding the curb and turning into the correct lane, then we did pretty good.

Quite challenging but fun overall. Driving a bus in Japan with the calming, relaxing music, white gloves and friendly patrons seems like it wouldn’t be such a bad job, lol.


At my ‘arcade’ at home, I’ve started playing some Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake. RDR has been put on hold until I can borrow the copy of the game again, but from what I’ve seen/done so far, it’s a lot of fun.

PhotobucketOne great lookin’ game

PhotobucketNight watch with new friends

Still working my way out of my nightmare in Alan Wake. Aside from some parts of the combat, I am really enjoying it. Reminds me a little of Shenmue with the QTE to start the generator or avoid the darkness and the ability to freely roam in the various areas. It’s a real thriller horror game, that consistently scares the bejesus outta me every time one of the ‘taken’ jumps out. Very immersive story that feels more complete  if you watch the episodes of Bright Falls before starting the game.


Creepy bridge…

Good treats, Good eats and Good times.

San Francisco trip

I decided last minute to treat myself to a 4 day weekend and spend it in San Francisco. Although short, I tried to fit in as much as I could to make it well worth it. There was still plenty I didn’t get to see/do, but I promised myself I’d save it for next time.

The weather couldn’t have been any better! Sunny and warm, it was perfect for walking around and exploring (and for having ice cream! which I did about once a day hehe)

I was very lucky that fellow 1upper, NakedBob gladly accepted my request of a tour around the Pixar campus. Thank you again NakedBob! There were so many things to take photos of/with (let’s see, there was Toy Story 3, Luxo, Cars, Monsters Inc. ), we just couldn’t get enough!

We left the Pixar store for the last, and good thing too, as we ended up spending a bit too much time in there. I couldn’t help it! There was so much to choose from and as soon as I thought I was ready to pay, I’d turn around and see something else I wanted. [We also ran into an actor dude who we took photos with, but only because I wasn’t aware of the “no bugging celebrities at Pixar” rule. Thanks for being patient with us NakedBob!! It won’t happen again 🙂  ]


Photobucket Toy Story 3!! A Stranger from the Outside (me) and awesome host NakedBob.

I was also lucky to get a chance to meet up with 1UP Friend Nelson and Alisson. They took us to this really cool Brunch place called Farmer Brown. Lucky for us it was brunch buffet, and that Fried Chicken was mmmmm sooo goood.

PhotobucketBreakfast, the most important meal of the day

PhotobucketHere’s a great photo of awesome friends, Alisson and Nelson


I did a lot of walking during this trip. One of my destinations was to the Gama-Go store.

I usually only get to buy Gama-Go items at Comic-con, so this was a real treat seeing the actual San Francisco store.

I also made sure to get there during Happy Hour where everything was 15% off (12-2 daily). Took me a while to decide but ended up picking up a few items.

Here are some random pics:

Went to see the ipad since it’s not available in Canada. No big deal. Just like a BIG iphone.


I’ve always wondered where these houses were. It was right along the route we walked along my last day there.

Full House houses


Another really cool activity I did was cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge. Here’s a photo of the view just before we cycled across. Getting up there was tiring but going across didn’t take long at all. And I got to take some really nice photos from the bridge.


Pier 39

PhotobucketThe “Seadogs” were barking noisely. It was so entertaining watching them come out of the water and plop themselves down on  the rest of their sea lion buddies.

I definitely had some good eats this trip. Aside from the Breakfast brunch, I also enjoyed the  following.

Delfina Pizzeria on Filmore street

PhotobucketDelicious Margherita Pizza

PhotobucketIci Ice cream in Berkeley

PhotobucketThai lunch at Cha-am, also in Berkeley

Overall, I had a fantastic long weekend. It was great to ‘get away’ if only for a few days. SF is one cool city. Reminds me a little of Vancouver too.

Welcome World!

Let the Winter Olympics begin!!

Cheering on the torch run with hundreds of other people yesterday was only the beginning. After work I he

aded downtown to take in the sights and sounds of the first day of the Olympics. It is amazing how much Canadian pride one has when we’re the ones hosting the games!! The downtown core was painted with red and white. Everything had Vancouver 2010 on it… I even played some Wii Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics while waiting for the Opening Ceremony to begin!

The heartfelt tribute honoring the Luge athlete who passed away this morning was a fitting addition to the Ceremony. RIP Georgian Luge athlete, Nodar Kumaritashvili.

After seeing that amazing Opening Ceremony (minus the technical glitch with the cauldron), we headed outside to try to get a glimpse of Wayne Gretzky and the torch as he traveled by car to the external cauldron (I thought it was funny that if they left the indoor cauldron on it would deflate the roof of BC Place).

Imagine hundreds of people running the streets, yellowing “woohoo”, “He’s over here!”, “Where’s Wayne Gretzky??”,  running through puddles, over fallen umbrellas and even when the police yelled for them to stop. Wow that was quite the experience!!!! I will never forget running in the streets with that crazy flash mob. We ended up turning right onto the street where the cauldron was located just in time for the fireworks!!



Typical Vancouver weather, drizzly rain , didn’t stop the masses of people from coming out to celebrate the start of the winter games. Good luck to all the athletes and especially to Team Canada!!