Saying Yes to the Dress in G√∂teborg


I have finally found my dream dress and it only took a year ūüėõ


When I first moved to Sweden, I asked about the cost and options for wedding dresses. I heard that wedding dresses would be way too expensive to buy here so I didn’t bother looking around until recently. I was glad that I did though, because after months of hunting, I have finally found my dress! I’ve also found that there are actually quite a few options here. I hope this blog post can help others who may be searching for their dream dress in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Learning Swedish is difficult in Sweden because so many Swedes speak good English, that means as soon as they know you’re a foreigner, they switch¬†to English! Most of the bridal shop staff spoke fairly good English and only stumbling over words like ‘seamstress’ or when discussing the dress material.

The level of customer service varied at different shops. One thing that was a little frustrating was the business hours of the shops. If you are like me and work Mon-Fri, then Saturdays are the only day that works. Saturdays, unfortunately, are also the busiest and you may have to wait to get a change room or any help from the staff.¬†I didn’t need to make appointments to try on the dresses so that was a plus.

Note: Many girls are shopping not only for bridal gowns but also for Prom dresses as the Prom season is in May. Expect the shop to be busy in the months leading up to Prom and wedding season.

I wanted to stay in budget as much as possible but I noticed many women looking at the more expensive rack. There were a few stores that had sale racks. Apparently ordering dresses can take up to 4 months. I didn’t want to risk it, so I bought a dress off the rack. The majority of the stores will not allow photos to be taken, I’ve marked that in the list below.

One thing I noticed was there were quite a few men accompanying their fiances for the dress shopping! I think they also paid for the dresses perhaps. In my opinion, it is strange letting them see the dress before the wedding.

Some tips

  • Put your dream dress on hold or you may lose it!
  • Get a card from the shop and ask them to write down the styles you tried on and liked.
  • Try on different styles, even styles you may to have thought you liked at first, you may change your mind about it.
  • I was initially looking for dresses with a little lace and some detail on the dress but after trying on dress after dress I realized I didn’t like that style and ended up with something more simple but elegant.
  • Take a break from the dress shopping, fika pause or coffee break does wonders
  • Bring a friend, it helps especially if you can’t take photos in the shop.


List of Bridal shops
Atelje VIP
Dresses from 3700 sek.
There were also dresses that were two pieces, top and skirt, which you could mix and match. Not my style although it is a cheaper option. No photos allowed in the shop.

My experience: Lady was really nice and helped me try on the dresses in my price range. One of the dresses I was interested in got snatched up by another lady right infront of me, and the lady even had the nerve to ask if I would still be interested in trying it on. I was looking for something off the rack, as I mentioned above, so I really did not see the point of trying it on.

Dresses from 3000 sek.The dresses here were arranged by price. No photos allowed.

My experience:¬†They had many different options but the dresses were hung on a pretty crowded rack making it hard to see what each dress¬†looked like. I didn’t find many dresses I liked in my price range. Many dressing rooms here, so I didn’t have to wait to try on dresses.

Wedding Square Brollop & Fest
Dress prices started at 4700. Photos were OK at the store. There are only 2 dressing rooms at the Järntorget location.

My experience:¬†I initially found 2 dresses that made my list. This later changed to 1 dress, but¬†It was unfortunately too good to be true! The girl who was helping me that day had written the price down for the dress that I was interested in on the card I took with me. I came back to the store and was all set to buy the dress, but I find out that the price that was written on the card was wrong! The dress was actually 2000 sek more, way over budget. I would not have been back if I had known it was out of my price range. What bothered me most was they did not¬†even offer to lower the price or to give me a discount on the alterations or anything. Even if they had been the one to make the mistake on the price. I wasn’t happy. I tried on a few more dresses that day, and they tried to convince me those dresses were better.

I was told that the Gamlestan location had more selection but fewer dresses in my price range. I decided not to look or buy anything from this store after that.

Simple chiffon dresses starting at 3000 sek. Good sale rack with lots of selection.
This shop has been around for many years. No photos allowed.

My experience: They were busy on the day I was there. I had to wait a while to get a change room and a staff member to help. I tried on 3 dresses and really liked one of them. They had a really good sale rack but some of the dresses were way too big for me to try on. Staff were helpful but didn’t offer to help me find any other dresses while I was trying on the ones I had chosen.

Tony’s h√∂gtidskl√§der
Dresses from 5000 sek

My experience: I went to this shop near closing just to take a quick look. There was a guy working there and I told him I got an email about prices and that I was looking for dresses around 5000 sek. He showed me the only 3 options they had. Unfortunately, I didn’t like them.

Vasaplatsen Uthyrning
(Couldn’t find a website for them)
Address details
Vasaplatsen 9411 26 GOTHENBURG

Rentals and new dresses that are for sale. 100 kr diff in price for some of the dresses.
Dress Rentals for sale from 3700 sek
Photos OK

My experience: Lady was helpful, even if I was there near closing.
Good selection on both last year and new dresses but nothing in my price range. They had few dresses in my size, but a few of the dresses I wanted to try were too large.

Johan’s Hogtidsklader
Dresses from 3500 sek and up. Lots to look at some dresses on sale and new 2014 dresses. Can see new dresses online. No photos allowed.

My experience: I found the sale rack to have a good selection. The staff were helpful and let me try dresses on even if it was the last 30minutes before closing. Harder to find dresses in my size on the sale rack at this shop.

There are 2 other shops that are outside of Gothenburg that were also recommended to me:
Svahn’s Brollop
Kungsbacka – No appointment needed **Update, they have moved to Vallda
Dresses from 3000 sek.
No photos allowed

My experience: This shop is where I found my dress! The girl who was helping me was extremely patient. She did her best to recommend different styles for me to try on. But some of her recommendations were out of my price range. She let me try on as many dresses as I wanted. It was quite busy the Saturday I was there. Around 5 or 6 other brides rushing around to take a look at the mirrors.

*Did not visit
Bridal shop in Nol – unprofessional photos on website, was not interested in making a trip there.
Can do custom dresses starting at 5000

For those searching for their dream dress, Good Luck and Have fun ūüôā