A Storybook ending to the 2010 Winter Olympics

Hockey is Canada’s Game.

Sidney Crosby’s “golden goal” not only won the Men’s Hockey game but our last Gold medal for the Winter Olympics on Sunday. It was the cherry on top to a successful Olympic Games.

After that phenomenal finish, the city and the nation erupted in cheers, celebrating the victory with random hi-fives and plenty of hugs! No major incidents of rioting occurred and the city celebrated in the  ‘safest’ way raves the media. Far from the 1994 riots when the Vancouver Canucks lost the NHL finals, Vancouver has “matured and grown up since then”, partying hard, but partying a lot more responsible says local media. London’s turn next, with the Summer Olympics in 2012 and they are aiming to set the same standards of safety as well.

Here’s a shot of people leaving Canada Hockey Place marching toward Robson Square, the central party location.


What an incredible ending to the 2010 Winter Olympics! 17 days have come and gone and there are a few of us that wish it didn’t have to end. I, myself, was just getting used to streaming the Olympics at work to see what events were on each day. I suppose we still have the Paralympics in a couple weeks, but they aren’t as popular. Nor will there be as many pavilions to visit. However, they do promise that a few of the Olympic pavilions will remain open including the popular zipline across Robson Square. Maybe I’ll get a chance to go on it this time.

Even if Rick Hansen, Canadian Paraplegic athlete, was one of the final torchbearers, the exterior cauldron at waterfront has been extinguished at the close of the games.


Here’s a crowd shot from Sunday night at Robson Square:


A few more photos from one of the Livecity locations – Yaletown:

Coca-cola House!

Rain didn’t stop the party. Livecity Yaletown remained crowded throughout the last rainy weekend of the Olympics.

Girl Talk was a late addition to the performers at Livecity Yaletown on Friday and he definitely got the crowd jumpin’.

26 total medals, 14 of which were Gold. We didn’t own the podium placing 3rd in overall medal count but we did own the Gold Podium!!

Admit it. Vancouver was an excellent host to the world! And we all had a wonderful time. Goodbye to all the visitors, come back soon!!

My top 10 memorable moments during the Olympics:
10. Streaming Olympics events at my comp during work
9. Steve Nash House – Work out then get free food and watch the Olympics
8. Holding the Olympic and Paralympic medals
7. Meeting up with visiting friends like Nelson and Alisson and talking to strangers about our fair city
6. Seeing the Torch pass by before reaching it’s final stop! What an amazing feeling.
5. Pavilion hopping..German Fan House was pretty awesome
Saurkraut and Bratwurst mmmmm
4. Seeing the first Gold medal on Home soil won at the Bell Ice Cube.
3. Attending Women’s hockey game and them telling me my seats have been upgraded to AWESOME
2. Running in the streets after Gretzky on his way to light the exterior cauldron.
1. Watching hockey with a gazillion others, cheering and hi-fiving strangers with my red mittens when the Men’s Hockey team wins. Yeah baby Yeah!

(While taking photos of it all ^_^)



Nelson and Alisson joined me for a tasty dinner


German fan house! That girl in the foreground is wondering where the saurkraut is too.


Women’s hockey at thunderbird arena


Steve Nash House


Bell Ice Cube ^_^


The End.

Olympics Weekend Recap

Women’s hockey, Olympic Medals and more…

It’s hard to believe that we are into the last week of the 2010 Winter Olympics. I’ve become accustomed to my new work schedule(earlier to avoid delays with our commute). The city is alive and exciting every day, practically 24/7. Bars, Restaurants and even the skytrain have extended service and there is no shortage of Pride for whichever country you are rooting for (Go Team Canada!!). What will it feel like for everything to just go back to ‘normal’? Maybe we’ll all feel a sense of withdrawal.

There are still the Paralympics in a few weeks,  although it’s not as popular as the Olympics. In my opinion, however, Paralympic athletes are that much more courageous and inspirational because they are competing despite the challenges they face in their daily lives. I think I’ll probably check out sledge hockey or another event.

More Olympic Highlights
Saturday Night we checked out a Women’s hockey game (Russia vs. Slovakia) at Thunderbird stadium, located on the University of British Columbia campus (my alma mater!).
We arrived just as the first period was getting under way. As we got to our seats we were told that we would be moving because the nosebleed seats I bought had an obstructed view. We ended up being moved right behind the goal! Damn that was my lucky day ^_^ Russia ended up winning and it was a pretty exciting game with lots of energy from the crowd!



Sunday, we braved the 4.5 hour line to see (and touch) the Olympic medals at the Royal Canadian Mint. This is the first time in the history of the games that the public has had a chance to actually get that close to the medals. 6 medals were on display, Gold, Silver and Bronze for the Olympics and the Paralympics.

Each uniquely designed medal thicker and heavier than I expected. The medals are also wavy instead of flat, and that was all part of what the artist wanted to represent the mountains and oceans of the country. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

What would you do with a million dollars?


The Olympic Medals!!


The beautiful Olympic Cauldron stays lit for the duration of the games.


Team Canada lost to Team USA in Hockey yesterday in a stunning upset 5-3. Canadians everywhere were silent after the loss and even this morning at work, the hockey game was the first topic we discussed. Hopefully tomorrow they will be up to the challenge of Germany and then Russia (ovechkin!) on Wednesday.

Good luck Team Canada!!!

Check out some awesome Olympics video by Albertart

Welcome World!

Let the Winter Olympics begin!!

Cheering on the torch run with hundreds of other people yesterday was only the beginning. After work I he

aded downtown to take in the sights and sounds of the first day of the Olympics. It is amazing how much Canadian pride one has when we’re the ones hosting the games!! The downtown core was painted with red and white. Everything had Vancouver 2010 on it… I even played some Wii Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics while waiting for the Opening Ceremony to begin!

The heartfelt tribute honoring the Luge athlete who passed away this morning was a fitting addition to the Ceremony. RIP Georgian Luge athlete, Nodar Kumaritashvili.

After seeing that amazing Opening Ceremony (minus the technical glitch with the cauldron), we headed outside to try to get a glimpse of Wayne Gretzky and the torch as he traveled by car to the external cauldron (I thought it was funny that if they left the indoor cauldron on it would deflate the roof of BC Place).

Imagine hundreds of people running the streets, yellowing “woohoo”, “He’s over here!”, “Where’s Wayne Gretzky??”,  running through puddles, over fallen umbrellas and even when the police yelled for them to stop. Wow that was quite the experience!!!! I will never forget running in the streets with that crazy flash mob. We ended up turning right onto the street where the cauldron was located just in time for the fireworks!!



Typical Vancouver weather, drizzly rain , didn’t stop the masses of people from coming out to celebrate the start of the winter games. Good luck to all the athletes and especially to Team Canada!!

Buy Bioshock 2…

Would you kindly….

Largely due to lack of gaming time, I seem to end up playing games pretty late. It’s not that I necessarily wait to buy the game, sometimes I buy it right away and it just sits there, unwrapped. A good example of this is the case of Bioshock, which I first started last year and only continued playing a few weeks ago. I read about the highly anticipated sequel and wanted to experience what the first game was like to see what all the fuss was about.

As I got to the more interesting areas and more comfortable with the controls, I found myself really enjoying the game and becoming addicted to playing.

I finished the game a couple of days ago and after seeing what they called ‘the ending’, I MUST play the next one to see what happens next.

What I loved:

  • Use of different plasmids
  • variety of enemies + creeepy areas
  • snapping photos of them for my research.

Didn’t like so much:

  • That the first aid kit refill was B button, I accidentally pressed that a few times and wasted my first aid kits.
  • An encounter with ‘Rosie’ and a little sister may be terrifying depending on the type of ammo one had left.
  • And vita chambers right next to where you were just killed were useful..but decreased the game’s difficulty.

Overall, very much enjoyed this game! It’s one of the only games in a long time that made me jump when an enemy appeared behind me…damn houdini splicers!



Some side notes…

With V-day coming up I thought it’d be a good chance to ‘request’ my gift..yes because V-day is really for girls and the boys seldom get gifts on this holiday. But lucky for me, I have already found a copy I can borrow! Now what should I hint at instead…maybe Star Trek Online..or one of these gifts (listed on Kotaku) ^_^

The Winter Olympics starts tomorrow and I am so pumped to be in the city for all the craziness! Here’s a photo from the torch relay after work today! Photobucket