2006 for Me

Posted: Sun, 07 Jan 2007 16:40:27 PST

Happy New Year Everyone!

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When I look back at 2006, I have to say it was one of my favorite years..hopefully 2007 will be just as good if not
better! What defines a great year for me? Well for one, an achievement of some sort. I have to be able to say that I
came away learning something new. And in 2006 there is no denying that I learned new things, visited new places, met new people and made some really wonderful memories in the process.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingFor the first half of 2006, when I wasn’t playing my modest collection of DS Games(I think they now number 14), going on Wknd volunteer trips, running meetings, in martial arts class, participating in Univ Intramurals, and just enjoying my last University year, I was studying…in the library bookstacks, in the computer lab, in the coffee shop..trying to study without distractions(Never happened). 4 months later I was done!
These months also included an Animal Crossing Obsession, Tetris and Mariokart, Human Bowling!, and my new Ipod!

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A Pre-grad trip was not only necessary but well deserved and off I went with friends for almost a month. E3 was one of the stops on this trip and so was my first visit to the East Coast! Around the time of E3 I stopped
taking my 1up blog for granted and started writing more often. I also convinced a friend to get a DS! (Thanks to BrainAge)

Arriving home a few days before the grad ceremony gave me a few days to get things set for my family’s visit!
The fun I had during the summer months included tennis, movies, more DS Games, like Big Brain Academy, a Blog-iversary and job hunting of course. Interviews here and there while I worked(Research lab), and more trips. Comic-Con and PAX were both noteworthy conventions and I was lucky to have met a few 1uppers too!

Comic-Con = Klingons, DS Lite, Movies: Borat, Pathfinder, Spidey 3, autograph sessions!, and Comics of course.

PAX = Gaming, talking to random ppl in the long lines, more Gaming, Concerts – Martin Leung!, and Tournaments.
I got a DS lite.

Broke the DS lite..
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but eventually got a new one…

New Job(YAY!). Making new friends at work(always makes things a lil more interesting).

Games Programming class(OpenGL, C/C++, intro to modeling and animation tools…) …and I thought I was done with studying! This class really kept me
busy but was a fun and rewarding experience.

Wii Sports, Zelda, Raving Rabbids! Gamecube & Virutal Console Games!

Christmas/New Years 06 included parties(yay for posh company parties), and was not so much about presents for me but for friends, family and food!

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My cat received so much attention flying with me for the holidays. Especially at Security where I had to take him out of his Pet Luggage.
“Does he have to be sedated?” One passenger asked me.
What?? Thankfully not. But this year I think my cat votes for no more plane rides.

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