4 critics, 1 Raging Boll….

Posted: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 00:55:44 PDT
Uwe Boll pummels critics in ring – Saturday.

The Venue:

Uwe doesn’t look affected at all by a body shot

Jogging with his dogs along with four months of Boxing Training in Germany was all the preparation he did prior to this boxing event(An event he agreed upon in a response to the major criticism he has been receiving via the internet for his past movies.)

It’s not like he needed much training…the “Raging” Boll intimidated each opponent landing some really good punches and easily winning against the four critics:

Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka: (Webmaster/CEO for Something Awful)

Jeff Sneider: (Journalist for Ain’t it Cool News)

Chris Alexander: (Journalist/ Radio Announcer for Rue Morgue Magazine/Radio/AM 640 Toronto) **Uwe mentioned this was the one he looked forward to fighting most, simply because he was the most agressive in his crticism about Boll.

Nelson Chance Minter: (Website Poster & Boll Hater; an Amateur Boxer himself.)

Uwe answering questions before the fight.

Boll had said before the fight that he hoped each of the contender’s would try to put up a fight for the audience at least. It is hard to tell exactly what was going on in the contender’s minds when they were in the ring with Uwe. But it was easy to see that Uwe was enjoying himself. The way the opponents hopped around avoiding contact with Uwe, while throwing some weak hits, the first two fights were really one-sided.

But the last two opponents were pretty exciting matches. They actually put up a fight.

Amateur boxer, Nelson was able to get some nice hits on Uwe, but said after the match that he doesn’t know why people hate Uwe, and that he’s a nice guy. (Uh-huh)

Uwe thanked the crowd for coming out either to support the contenders or himself(A large group of the press and attendees chanted Uwe Uwe Uwe when he came out but there were many that were booing him the entire time), and he said the lesson here is that they were as badly prepared in the ring as they are writing the F***ing Critics.

Uwe has been in town filming the movie Postal also highly criticized by residents after the recent Montreal Shootings at Dawson College.

Before the fight, there was Q&A session with Uwe Boll, for Full Coverage check out Rez’s blog

When asked about the affect of the Dawson College shootings on the filming of postal he commented on video games being connected to violence,

“Video games are always getting blamed for school violence and massacres.It’s completely stupid. Hundreds of millions of people playing video games. And if every year 20 people run amok in a school, I don’t think this is an indication. Normally then you would have thousands of school shootings and video games would bring you to that level of violence where you flip out and start killing everybody. I think it’s completely absurd.”

I don’t really know what he wanted to prove by beating up his critics, other than gain more attention. He really is pretty funny in person. He willingly answered all questions and hoped the fight might put an end to all the criticism. Hehe, with the failure of his past movies, and similar projects like Postal, I doubt the criticism will ever end…

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