6 more hours to go…

Posted: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 02:05:06 PST

Wii Countdown Comes to an End!!

I was able to pass by a few stores earlier today checking for any campers, but none to be found! Good thing though, as I forgot the camera at home.

While looking for campers got sidetracked at Best Buy due to the Guitar Hero 2 display(It was hard to put that guitar down, if only there were two kiosks to play!) Future Shop had XBOX 360 Kiosks just outside the store with Gears of War. They were there advertising the current $499 with 4 games deal…hmmm so very tempting..

I’m sure there are some campers out in the cold, but I guess I will see just how many, when I head down tomorrow to pick up my Wii. EB left a msg reminding me that I am on the pre-order list and said there is something *SPECIAL* we will get in addition to the Wii!

I hope I can buy an additional controller..

(I heard Reggie was leaving messages for people in the US?! IS that true? then where’s my msg?? Instead I get the EB employees to call…)

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Best Buy already had the display boxes out and were nice enough to give one out.


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