Ahh the Memories — The Penny Arcade Expo 2007

Originally Posted: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 23:49:37 PDT

Another PAX has come to an end.

The Penny Arcade Expo 2007.
New home: Seattle, WA.

I knew this year at PAX would be different. It was, of course, no longer in Bellevue but its new location, Seattle, WA.

The convention center sure was a lot bigger than I expected and damn was the expo fun! Is it really over??? Well I guess it is over for another year…but the PAX memories will live on!

Old (AND New!) friends
An extra special part of my PAX experience this year was definitely the friends — old and new. There really is that social component in gaming(although I missed this panel hehe) and it was obvious from the start of PAX. From playing the demos at the kiosks to Hand-held tournaments, it is incredible how many people you meet and befriend. And of course the “1UP” connection sure is somethin’ special. We were lucky enough to meet up with fellow 1uppers Jen, Mike, Jon, Kevin, Shane and Scott during PAX. Not sleeping until the wee hours of the night was totally worth it. Whether it was just watching Jen & Kevin’s Lumines rivalry, Futurama, talking about random things or just conversing in general with everyone, it was a pretty fun time. Also thanks to 1UP, Jenn, Seanna and Cesar for the Tap House Grill on Sat nite! It was great meeting everyone!

A friend from GDC Gaian and I during a brief meetup by the Virtua Fighter 5 Kiosks
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Ouendan versus mode in one of the Hand Held lounges
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Ouendan addiction!! A New friend, MrToffee(Jon) and I just had to play a few more games of Ouendan 2..Glamourous Sky!!
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Jen and I; Magnets for reeeallly strange situations ..heehee Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Food, drink and Mario Kart
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PAX Day 1:

It makes sense to plan ahead, so I was really glad we all booked the accommodations way before(Thanks Jen!). I was really lost when I first got to the convention center. You know that feeling where you don’t know where anything is and are just walking around aimlessly trying to follow the crowds? Everything was spaced out which made things a bit confusing. I didn’t get a chance to see the Keynote but I did see the Keynote speaker(see blog below). We found the exhibit hall on Friday and couldn’t resist playing some games before meeting up with Mike and Jen.
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Friday’s highlights included attending the Gametrailers event at “The War Room” — a somewhat tricky place to find — Kevin’s “Test” party and the concert(Yay The OneUps!!)!

I must say I am extremely happy I got a chance to hear both the OneUps and Freezepop!! I absolutely LOVE their music. Hearing their music live was amazing! It was definitely something their CD just can’t replicate.

Although I arrived later in the day, for Day 1, I was still impressed with how much we actually got done but time never stands still when you’re enjoying yourself, and enjoy myself I did. Hardly any sleep was had, but everything worked out perfectly.

Nintendo didn’t give me any swag. I thought after playing the new DS Zelda game they would hand me a stylus like they did to the person before me…but they didn’t! When I asked, they said they were running out…that was totally unfair.

Using the stylus to control Link wasn’t as difficult as I expected. It complements the game nicely allowing the player to strike the enemy with slashes and even the classic spin move all with the touch of your stylus. Looking forward to purchasing this game.

Spending some time at the Nintendo Booth…
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The One Ups!!
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Unfortunately, this was the view I saw for most of the One Ups concert…
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