An explosion of fun….

Posted: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 22:43:02 PDT

….Bomberman Live!!

The last time I played Bomberman against others, online, was during the days of the Sega Saturn. That was indeed, some time ago and the only other Bomberman version I’ve played since then, has been on my Dreamcast. The game sits in my DC game pile and rarely, if ever, gets played.

So, last week, when Bomberman Live came out for the Xbox 360, I didn’t forsee how addicted I would become. That damn 360 power button begs me to press it everytime I come near to it…and how, just how, can one resist? (I didn’t want to neglect the Wii so I played it a little during the weekend too, but of course if I wasn’t out and about hanging out with friends, I was playing something on the 360.)

Since I started playing Bomberman Live, I’ve had the chance to experience the joy (insert sarcasm here) of Xbox live chat. Depending on the number of people playing, it can get pretty loud. There are people who stay quiet, (I, myself, don’t like to have others hear my commentary while I play) but I know there are many people out there who love to talk trash. Those people enjoy the fact that the other 7 people in the game can hear them and their loud and obnoxious behavior continues throughout the entire match. I wonder whether they are aware of how unintelligent they sound — I highly doubt it.

It’s funny when I hear the same irritating comments; people who can’t seem to shut up during the round. I think “Hey wait, I’ve played with these people before”. But no, it’s a new group of idiots. Sometimes you just have to laugh it off, which I seem to do a lot. Idiot behavior = good laughs.

I have yet to customize my bomberman and so I use the original bomber. Whether white, black, blue, or green, it doesn’t matter what color I get, as long as I know which bomber I am when we start playing. It is just the color of the bomberman and not of the player who controls it. But really why the heck should this matter? To some, it seems, there is no limit to what they can find to say about your bomberman. The color of the bomberman is an easy target. Take the black bomberman, for example, he’s nothing but a black bomber, yet he is always the target of racist remarks that would make anyone cringe. N-this, N-that, even if he wins the round they still feel the need to talk sh*t.

I guess people feel like they can say whatever they please on live chat (behind that mic and T.V.). Which may suit them well, but not everyone else…

Guess there is nothing left to do but blow those little punks up, while they’re busy trash talking.

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