Chuck E. Cheese’s: Games, Pizza, Tokens Galore, and Rotten Thieves..

Posted: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 19:08:10 PDT

Chuck E. Cheese’s? Does that place still exist?

When I’m sick I sleep like a cat, on and off throughout the entire day. And my dreams don’t make sense. If I go to sleep because my head is spinning, I dream that I keep going round and round in circles. The other day I had a dream that I was at Chuck E Cheese’s or what looked like it…

Now, I haven’t been to ChuckE. Cheese’s since I was in elementary school. I always looked forward to going to play the games, win tickets to collect the cheap prizes and maybe get a chance to eat the pizza. It didn’t matter which Chuck E. Cheese’s location, if we wanted to go, we could be really persuasive. In Grade 1, a classmate was having their b-day party at Chuck E Cheese’s and was only allowed to invite a few classmates. I was so excited that she chose me to come! It really made my year.

One visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s wasn’t so pleasant.I think I was about 9 years old and my purse was stolen…
I just finished collecting money for our annual walk-a-thon (remember those things they would force you to raise money for in elementary school?) so my purse was full
of dollars and coins.

I was playing the TMNT Arcade game by myself, my purse on top of the machine next to me, when two older girls came up to me and asked “are you playing Turtles?” I said yup, and didn’t even bother to turn and acknowledge them. I just kept on playing. I was too into the game that it was only when I was done that I noticed my purse was gone… #$%@!
My dad thought maybe I just dropped it so we went by the machines to look for it. We came around a corner and there was the purse on the ground opened and stripped of all the money…siigh I wish I hadn’t been so stupid. That was a definite eye opener and I learned to be more careful.

I don’t even know if that Chuck E. Cheese’s location still exists, but I’m sure they still have that creepy mechanical band that plays when you insert some tokens…

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