Comic Con, San Diego.

Posted: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 01:00:57 PDT
Whats that you say? FREE? well alright I’ll have one. Freebies all around.

This is my first time at comic con and what really drew me to the convention this year was the WIDE ARRAY of geekery things that appealed to me:
lots of $1 comics
witty shirts
a Kungfu Extravaganza
previews of upcoming movies
learning a bit at the various panels
seeing all the Cosplayers
meeting a few Star Trek personalities
and getting a ton of freebies

I knew it would be a great trip and so far (minus a few petty incidents) it has been nothing short of fantastic…
I admit however Friday was a bit hard for me to keep patient. Maybe I’m just spoiled and too used to good service. But you know, there’s really nothing wrong with expecting it, especially if its them that’s making money off of you.

Take Friday’s quick dinner for example…
I was late for the Video Game development panel, they had it in a tiny room which filled up extremely quickly and when I got there 10min late, the convention volunteer was standing right against the door and “Closed” signs were all over. She refused to let us in so, I opted to grab a bite to eat before the Klingon Extravaganza an hr later.

Imagine this:
You need to walk 15min in the heat with heavy bags of freebies(now I have rope burn) to get some dinner. But you know you can’t spend too much time eating because you need to get in line for the upcoming you count on the thin crust pizza being done in 20min as they said. But it ain’t done in 20min infact they forgot to put your order through to the cooks.

When the pizza was finally ready I carried it on top of my head to avoid hitting people all the way back to the convention centre, passing all the hungry comic-con attendees as they left the convention centre wishing they could have a slice…Tough luck there were only so many slices in that box yah know.

I spent most of Thursday on the exhibit floor and Friday at panels…its hard not to buy something as there have been some great deals on shirts, dvds and not to mention comics!

Got a chance to see some directors, actors and writers like Bryan Singer, Denise Crosby(Tasha Yar, Star Trek: TNG), and J. Michael Straczynski(B5 creator).

One of paramount’s booths, the one promoting a new show “Jericho” is giving out some DVDs of various shows including: Medium, 4400, CSI:NY, and some other trinkets like bags and little Grisom(from CSI) toys. But you need to wait in two lines…one to get your sticker and the other to spin the wheel. It definitely was not worth the wait for me!! All I got was a lousy Ghost Whisperer notepad. They told me she would be there the next day and I could get it signed, but honestly, I wanted the 4400 dvd set.

A more detailed blog will come soon..

Yes it is crowded in the exhibit hall and extremely hot outside on the walk to the convention centre, and I with all the free stuff, somebody should of given out free body spray to eliminate the funk that lingered all over the exhibit hall.

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