Conference planning — from scheduling sessions to laundry…

Posted: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 20:20:23 PST

Conference planning — from scheduling sessions to laundry…

With over 300+ conference sessions available at GDC 2007, deciding which sessions to attend and making sure they don’t conflict can be somewhat of a challenge.

I know that the real meat of the conference aside from the not to miss scheduled keynotes (Miyamoto-san) and events (GDC Booth Crawl), are the conference sessions themselves. And there are a handful of sessions that are, unfortunately, scheduled at the exact same time.

This reminds me of my college days where you have to schedule all your classes on your own. If there was a course conflict like a lab time overlapping with one of my classes, I would just leave the class/lab early to make it to the next one. No big deal. Unless of course the next class is on the other side of campus…
Let’s see…staying for half of one session, and rushing down the hall to catch the last half of another, seems like a plan. But what of sessions in entirely different halls? Walking to that hall might not be worth it, especially if they are just 60 min in length…Decisions decisions..

One session I am very much looking forward to is From “Ouendan!” to “HELP!”: Inside the Elite Beat Agents with Keiichi Yano. Since it was announced as one of the sessions there was no question in my mind that I could miss this…but now there are 2 other sessions that I want to attend that are unfortunately at the same time.

Ouendaaaan!!!! I need help finalizing my schedule!

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! from the moment I first played it in summer 2005, it quickly became one of those special games in my collection. The music, quirky characters and excellent use of the stylus has made it one of my favorite DS games. Being so much of a favorite of mine that when asked What my favorite game was in an early job interview I said without thinking Ouendan. This then required me to explain to the interviewer what the game was all about…next time I told myself I would say a more well known game title to avoid the confusion.

A chance to see the behind the scenes of both Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents and an in depth analysis of the game design process is not only exciting but definitely a must see. Good news for this one.. it is just down the hall from the two others on my list that prove to be just as interesting.

Random rant…

Coin laundries are slowly becoming a thing of the past. In most apartment buildings, or dorms, a laundry card is standard issue. It eliminates the need for saving and carrying around coins to do your laundry. Reloading and using it is as simple as inserting into the slot and pressing a button. Its pure genius. But it can easily become pure annoyance when you have misplaced this “smartcard”.

Turning everything upside down and still not being able to find the laundry card just made my blood boil. Where could this stupid card be?? Oh how I wish there were coin operated laundry machines in this building..but to my surprise I didn’t need a coin operated laundry machine when I had the help of others. Doing laundry can be awkward and having to encroach on someone’s space while their doing their laundry just to ask them for their laundry card is even worse. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought. There are some nice people out there afterall.

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