Finishing a game always makes me smile..

Posted: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 20:05:12 PDT

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin – complete!

For those who have beat this game, or have read about it, you know there are two endings. One being the “fake” ending when you defeat the two sisters, and the *real* ending when you defeat Dracula.

This *real* ending can only be achieved once you get past
the two sisters (without killing them), defeat 4 more levels plus the Whip’s memory, before facing Brauner and then finally Dracula himself. Seems like a lot, but after the battle with the two sisters the 4 extra levels are pretty similar to the other areas you’ve already completed. And you’ll need those extra enemies so you can gain more experience points.

Dracula had two phases, the first being the harder of the two, and required many potions on my part. Magic didn’t work well against him but it provided immunity for my characters when he released the explosion or the bats.

I didn’t utilize both characters during the final stage because the second one always seemed to get in the way particularly when key moves or jumps were being executed. It was more of a hinderance, so I stuck with Jonathan.

Although I wasn’t able to complete all the quests, I can always go back and try them again. I was more focused on beating the game whether or not every single quest was done. I did spend a good amount of time leveling up my characters and earning gold to buy weapons, gear and potions which definitely prolonged the game for me.

This Castlevania was more than just a platform game; I could level up my characters and buy/sell at the shop. I could even find different items – like strawberries and boiled starfish – to replenish my HP as opposed to spending my gold to buy them.

Overall it was a really enjoyable game, time consuming at times, but a real joy to just pick up and play. A christmas present, Castlevania:PoR was finally completed 6 months later hehe.

(An excerpt from the ending – Dracula’s defeat..)
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