Hand-held fun!

Originally Posted: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 00:59:23 PDT

The fun that is Nintendo DS Wireless play

When I heard there would be hand-held tournaments again this year, I knew I had to check them out. After all, not only is it a good way to interact with other PAX-goers but a little competition is healthy for you (it also adds to your overall Penny Arcade experience).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThis year however, the tournaments were set up differently. There was more than one hand-held lounge and when it was time for the Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan time slot I had trouble finding the right location. Thanks to the enforcers I was able to get to one of the hand-held lounges and they explained the rules. Basically you challenge who you want. There wasn’t anything organized like at last year’s PAX. Instead, you get two buttons to start and must defeat others for more buttons and more buttons.

PAX Day 2 included sitting around one hand-held lounge after some exhibit time and challenging others to mostly Elite Beat Agents, Ouendan and Ouendan 2. Getting a chance to play against fellow PAX attendees in Ouendan 2 was pretty fun. I had not played that game multi-player yet but what better way to first try the multi-player option than at PAX! A place where you are surrounded by like-minded individuals the whole weekend! All of whom appreciate video games like Ouendan 2!! *Real* fans who were really good stuck around the lounge area to challenge others. A limit of 4 players to a game meant there were numerous games going on at one time, but it seemed to work well. Our group grew from just 3 Ouendan players to multiple groups of 3-4 players each. It was true Ouendan fun(except for the fact that some ppl were being inconsiderate and didn’t take a shower in days…grrrr)

But hand-held gaming wasn’t restricted just to the hand-held lounge areas..No, as I recall, event at the event earlier in the evening on Friday(GameTrailers Partay), Jen and Kevin challenged each other in Lumines for the PSP. A PAX tradition mind you…but I’m not commenting on who won, or who actually holds the higher record of wins..

Look at that concentration!!
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Lineups are always a great place for some wi-fi gaming, and also just about anytime you need to wait around for other people(didn’t we wait around a lot?). So my DS definitely came in handy quite a few times.

From DS gaming in the hand-held lounge…
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to DS gaming while waiting for food after a long weekend…

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My PAX memories will always include all of the DS gaming fun…that definitely doesn’t end when PAX does 😉

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