Have you finished that game yet?

Posted: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 17:43:16 PST

Bittersweet Defeat

Anytime you start something in your life, the ultimate reward would be to finish it. The same can be said of playing a game. You ultimately want to beat that game, see the happy ending, the credits and the “Thank you for playing”. But the satisfaction associated with defeating the Big Boss and finishing the game is sometimes bittersweet because in some cases that game is done, and you may not play it again for a while.

I’m almost finished playing Twilight Princess. It’s one incredible game to say the least. And now, almost 40hrs later, I’m at the point where, although I look forward to beating the game, there is that part of me that thinks..if I finish it, it will be over. There are some side adventures I could choose to do, like collecting the golden bugs or poes, but the actual quest of ridding the world of the twilight will be done. The adventure will be complete and I won’t have anymore of the story to enjoy(I’ll miss my horse and Midna!).

There were some frustrating bosses, plenty of retries and some amazing moments but since I’m not quite done there will still be more to conquer, before that final satisfaction of defeating Ganon.

At a panel discussion I attended during PAX ’06, one of the panelists pointed out that there is a lot of time and effort that goes into designing the later levels/stages of a game, yet most times these go unseen. The games aren’t always played through to completion, and gamers don’t need to finish a game to justify the purchase of another. I know there are plenty of people who have already finished this latest version of Zelda so that can’t be said for this game, but I know I have list of “games still needed to be finished”. I will be glad to know that when I complete Twilight princess it won’t get added to this list.

Now if only I can finish it in less than 40hrs…

**Looking forward to GDC in March!

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