He’s more than a bird…He’s more than a plane..

Posted: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 11:55:25 PDT
…More than some pretty face beside a train..it’s not easy to be…SUPERMAN!

Kal-El returns!

So as I was leaving work yesterday I decided to call my friend, you know, someone to talk to while you walk. Anyways, apparently there was
a 10pm showing at the Paramount theatre in downtown for SUPERMAN RETURNS, and he got tickets!! I hung up the phone all excited!

When we got to downtown we got delayed at the coffee place because we ran into someone who saw us. (*Note* sometimes when in a hurry, I do not acknowledge aquaintances especially when they tend to talk a lot.
But in this case it was too late, he saw me through the window)
He didn’t even show any enthusiasm about us watching Superman, which I found pretty lame. Wasn’t he at all interested in the VFX, being an animator and all???….Finally around 830ish we reached the theatre got the tix and headed upstairs to Theatre 1. When i got there, I didn’t notice the long line on the right side…that is, until I had to walk all the way to the back and get in line myself. Still, I hoped we’d get good enough seats.

They let us in a few minutes after I actually got into lineup so I didnt end up playing the DS outside. Suprisingly, we also nabbed some good seats, but that theatre filled up FAST.

Inside, I took out my DS Lite and headphones to play some Ouendan and Big Brain. Playing games, listening to music and chatting about the upcoming previews and the movie was what everyone seemed to be doing. The crowd was pretty much film students, Animator hopefuls and Univ students on their summer break, donning superman shirts and giddy expressions. And when the previews started rolling and the feature presentation came around, applause rang throughout the theatre! WOOHOO after an hr and a half finally!

The movie, despite some negative crticisims, was in my opinion amazing!
Without spoiling anything, I think it was a great way to re-introduce Superman to the audience. With everything from comedy to drama, it was entertaining, and shocking at some points. At one point in the movie it was, I admit, a bit hard to watch. Brandon Routh definitely looks like a Superman in the sleek modernized suit and his portrayl of the man of steel was awesome!

Clark Kent was still the same fumbling, clueless reporter whose awkward moments with Lois add to the comedic elements of the film.

It’s so funny how she can’t tell that Clark is Superman! I guess his glasses and changing to his gelled back , single curl on his forehead hairstyle is a perfect disguise..lol

What I think I enjoyed most about the film was watching a hero. I love his super human powers and how he comes to the rescue, swooping in to catch falling people or falling debris, he is Superman and everyone in Metropolis is glad at his return(well almost everyone)! Just as captivating is his weaknesses, Kryptonite, his love for Lois, and his need to protect the humans when it is us getting ourselves into trouble.

Some may say that in his mind he’s christ-like(In his father’s words, I give you, my only son…to show us the light). The world needs a saviour and it comes in the form of a this undestructible alien the only one left of his kind. Maybe its the fact that he’s there protecting us and fighting evil that people look up to Superman. Who doesn’t love a hero but the villain himself, in this case Luthor and his henchmen.

Superman knows how to put on a show… and his return was well received. Watch it now at a Theater(or Imax) near you!

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