If you never had brothers, would you still like video games?

Posted: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 12:04:15 PDT
A lot of girls say that it was male influence in their life that introduced them to games…

be it a brother, uncle, father, grandpa or significant other.

But in sustaining my interest in video games it was the games themselves that instilled in me that passion for gaming and that is what continues to drive me to be a gamer today.

Was it really my brothers that influenced me into liking video games? Would I be forever stuck loving Barbie and my little pony?

It’s funny to ponder and no matter how much I love having brothers sometimes I’d like to think that if I never had brothers, then I probably wouldn’t have been made fun of by one of their loser friends just because I had orange tab levis jeans, which made me lock myself in my room, the NES and Dragon Warrior my only friends.

Note: Anything other than Red or Silver Tab levis jeans meant you were essentially a loser and a mockery to all.

My older brother didn’t care if his friends made fun of me back then(but has since defended me on many occasions), he left me to my girly activities. But what he didn’t know was, I was a sponge absorbing everything he liked doing. Maybe it’s the younger sibling syndrome, but you look up at your brother and aspire to be him and do the things he can do.

I remember my older bro and I setting up our basketball hoop outside on our driveway. It was one of those that you filled the base with water and could wheel around. We lived in a cul-de-sac, so it was perfect! He joined the Guys’ B-ball team, so I joined the Girls’ team.

I was always a tomboy, although my mom despised it. Growing up with the boys and playing with them outside was the best summer activity. Mind you, scraping my knees while being chased up a cement fence during Supersoaker wars was worth it if I was able to get away. Staying up all night playing a game was always a lot of fun!

Romance of the Three Kingdoms, was one of my favorites. Each of us had our own kingdom and we played till all our cities were taken over, or one of us took over the entire map. But that rarely happened because the game took so long to set-up.

So what if I was exposed to all these geekery things by males in my family?
I enjoy this stuff and sometimes even more than them…

exerpt from my conversation about the DS9 episode on Spike TV:”…..and then Garak and Nog got captured by the Jem hadar cause apparently they also crashed after the explosion of the ketrasel white base and their vorta was dying..I guess DAX got hurt from the crash of the Jem hadar cruiser. Remember? The one sisko found on that planet, that was a good episode too..Anyways the Jem hadar only had a few ketrasel white containers left!!”

Getting back on topic, the various genres of games were there for me to try and I enjoyed anything from Tetris on the classic gameboy(I always got past level 9) on the Roadtrips, to playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Chuck E Cheese (Where once I was soo into the game I got my purse stolen by two rotten little girls….).

What I’m trying to say here is that my brothers brought those games into my life and with it, they gave me the opportunity to see if games were for me. And they always brought out my competitive nature although I admit I can be a sore sport even today.

When new friends first discover that I am a gamer, I usually get the typical reaction of surprise, followed by either acceptance or ridicule and for those who are gamers themselves exultation (That’s cool! We should play sometime!)

One conversation went something like this..

Me: BRB, I’m going to play a game.
F: You play games?? You don’t look like a gamer?
Me: ..and how is a gamer supposed to look..?
F: I dunno, geeky?

Okay so I may have a geek-less image, and if I don’t advertise that I actually play games, no one would ever guess that I had any trace of gamer in me(let alone anything else associated with being a geek) but that just makes it all the more wonderful when you find out you were beat by a girl. And what makes me even more proud, is when my bros are there to see that happen.

My brothers:

Not an accurate representation of my brothers, but reminds me of them alright! *LOL*


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