It IS the Thought That Counts, right?

Posted: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 19:37:47 PDT

Refusing a Wii?!

A popular and hard to find item such as the Nintendo Wii. One would never expect to have anyone say “No” when receiving it as a gift. It is rude enough to express your dislike in front of the person who gave it to you…

Last Friday was the last day for one of my co-workers. And as with all last days, there is the usual farewell lunch, and then a gift/cake presentation in the afternoon. Definitely, something everyone looks forward to on a Friday so we can waste even more time in our day!

Her present was gift wrapped and in nice little bag! But it’s impossible to tell what’s in rectangular shaped box, so I asked her what she got. With not even a slight glimmer of joy in her voice, she replied “Wii”. I couldn’t help but stand there stunned. In my mind, I would think the Wii to be a great present!! Especially a great Company present for someone who is leaving.

Many people still want a Wii, even though I have to admit I have been neglecting mine for the last few months. She didn’t even seem interested in opening the present, it remained wrapped. Apparently someone told her what it was during lunch and that’s when another co-worker told me she had responded with “What..I didn’t want a Wii…” tsk tsk. I wonder how hard it was for them to get her that gift only to be rejected. Afterwards she admitted she wanted a 360 but she was scared to get of the Red Ring problem. Still no excuse for being ungrateful.
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Later I received a an email asking if she could borrow Zelda…hmm guess this means it will be put to good use afterall, if she gets Zelda from someone else that is.

Whenever I let friends borrow my games it takes months before I see them again, so I’ve decided I won’t lend them out anymore. Hopefully she will learn to appreciate not only the thought but the actual gift too.

I also received a great present this week — a Futureshop giftcard with enough on it to get Guitar Hero 2. I was all set on getting it this weekend, because I am tired of always playing on beginner and never having the opportunity to practice without people watching me. But I have convinced myself, instead, to wait on RockBand (Xbox 360) and Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii, which are both coming out soon! Now, I’m undecided about which one to get, but I know I want one of them for sure!
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I guess I will save my giftcard for now..but which one to get…

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