Let them try Wii..

Posted: Mon, 09 Jul 2007 21:20:06 PDT

..and they’ll never want to leave!

Most of my friends already know I have a Nintendo Wii but I guess a few of them still had no idea. One such friend came by for a visit recently and within seconds of picking up the wii-mote it was obvious that she absolutely loved it.

Play again? or Play a different Game?

Wii Play was the game that won her over. Being a PC gamer, a fan of Age of Empires and Need for Speed, she hadn’t really played many console games. But who wouldn’t be excited to play the Wii? As soon as she found out I had one of my very own she just had to try.

We ended up playing each Wii Play mini-game several times, including billards which sometimes lasted a bit too long.. I like how the wii-mote is utilized in this game, it makes you feel like you’re actually a good pool player. Haha! It sure was fun. Air Hockey and Duck Hunt were the obvious favorites and my only complaint was the Wii sensor bar not sensing the wii-mote if pointed near the edges of the T.V.

Each time one of us lost, we had to have a rematch and that went on and on. One of the Wii-motes even needed the batteries replaced. Luckily I had a few AAs left in my camera.

Once again the Wii has proved that it not only guarantees a fun experience to a first-timer but it is so easy to pick up and learn that it becomes fun right away.

It’s always entertaining to see someone play the Wii for the very first time. Their eyes light up with amazement, they laugh while they point the wii-mote, and of course they comment on how small the Wii actually is!

The challenge was not in choosing the right games for her to play on the Wii but in getting her to pass the Wii-mote to others so that they could join in on the fun.
Wii want to play (indefinitely).

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