Miss Video Game. What a shame…

Posted: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 00:41:27 PST

Little Miss Video Game

Women have been in the game industry for years involved in all aspects of the business. And long before there were female game industry “role models”, ( Spokeswomen representing female gamers), there were influential women; many successful women who most likely didn’t need a singular female rep dubbed “Miss Video Game” to inspire them to reach their goals.

The Miss Video Game contest seems like we’re going backwards. With the first round being all about beauty (brains and brawn come in round 2), where you may get voted off before you even pick up a controller, it comes across as an attempt at capitalizing on the “american idol-like/reality tv audition” frenzy. It seems like it’s more about finding a “marketable” girl regardless of whether or not she plays video games.

Taken from the Miss Video Game website: “Even if you don’t know anything about video games sign up and learn – that’s what this is all about, spreading gaming to women around the globe!!!” (So you don’t even have to be a gamer?!)

I’m not denying that there are a handful(and ONLY a handful) of contestants who actually mention that they’d like to do something in the video game industry. But, the majority seem to be joining this contest for attention, not to seriously be the ‘voice’ of female gamers that this competition says they are looking to find.

Seeing how this competition is a way to create another role model to inspire girls to game,
Female gamers ask yourself this: Did you need a “Miss Video Game” to inspire you to play games or to be in the industry today?

This may seem like a good way to put the spotlight on female gamers but what do they intend to do with the winner? It’s hard not to question the credibility of this competition. With no mention of sponsors, or which events the winner would get a chance to attend, other than a sexy media shoot at the beach, will she just be another Geek girl of the month??

I like the fact that they are trying to create more awareness for women who game and erase the stereotype of gamers being nerdy and unattractive. But the fact that it is a beauty pageant first and a gaming compeition later makes me question whether this contest should be taken seriously. *Real* female gamers are out there and this contest won’t necessarily find them. A real video game player proves its not just what they have, but what they know.

Top Contestants of today. (hmm thought this was MySpace for a second…)
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**Edit: Voting closed back in April, and they’ve announced the 50 top competitors. Round two, which they say will actually involve playing a video game… will be hosted by Titan Strike hmmm their site isn’t working..why am I not surprised? Nothing else announced about the judges, and no other press on the competition..

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