My DS Didn’t Crash the Plane..

Posted: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 23:14:33 PDT

Nintendo DS Multiplayer On-Board an Airplane

…A definite No.

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You know the warning where it’s stated that playing video games may cause an epileptic seizure and that you should play in a well lit room, making sure to take breaks? Can anyone honestly say that you pay attention to this warning anymore? What about the warning about not playing your DS in multiplayer mode while on-board an aircraft? Is this a warning that all DS owners are aware of?

The use of electronic devices on an airplane is only allowed when the plane reaches a certain altitude. So turning on your DS, your ipod, or laptop is completely fine after that altitude is reached. If you’re used to flying and tend to travel a lot this rule comes as second nature. Wait until the announcement that it is now safe to use your electronic devices before you turn it on.

I have no problem with playing my DS single player. I’ve always entertained myself with DS gaming while flying, unless I’m chatting with the people next to me or sleeping. With a few DS games that I have yet to finish, I was well immersed in Castlevania: PoR when the guy sitting next to me asked me to if I wanted to play something. He had his DS Lite out and was ready to choose a multiplayer game. The first thought in my head wasn’t *No multiplayer mode on the plane!* Instead it was *Hmm, who else can we get to join us in a game?* And he never mentioned anything about not playing on the plane either.

The second time that this warning was ignored was when my friend who was sitting a row behind me couldn’t hear what I was saying. He claimed he couldn’t even see my mouth move because the top of my seat was covering it. So I turned on Pictochat and wrote down the message. Then without thinking about the multiplayer regulation, I played Mario Kart and Tetris a few times before inviting a few others to join in. None of the other guys that were playing brought up the rule that Multiplayer mode on the plane is forbidden nor did they even wonder about it.

Not one of us said anything before racing in Mario Kart, playing a match in Tetris or the card games in the New Super Mario Bros. Now that leaves me to think, how many DS owners are actually aware of this rule?

Executive and First class passengers on Japan Airlines were able to borrow a DS Lite during their flight, with the wireless mode disabled to conform to Airline regulations. (promotion from June 1 to August 2006)

Do I feel guilty about playing my DS with others? A little. But its not often that people ask me to play Nintendo DS multiplayer (unless I’m at PAX) when I’m traveling. I have to admit it was pretty awesome to race them at Mario Kart, and honestly, I wasn’t even aware of this rule until days after my flight. I knew about the operation of wireless devices and the restrictions in certain locations in a hospital, or airport but it never occurred to me that it also applies to the DS on a plane.

Now that I do know, I guess I won’t be doing any multiplay while flying anytime soon…although we didn’t experience any major malfunctions or disruptions while playing(except for when the flight attendant came to our rows to tell us to shut off our DSes because we were about to land).

In order to comply with airline regulations, do not use PictoChat or play the multiplayer mode of DS games while on board an airplane. Operation in these locations may interfere with or cause malfunctions of equipment, with resulting injuries to persons or damage to property.

Nintendo of America Inc.

Japan To Ban Wireless Gaming On Flights

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