My wish list just gets longer each day…

Posted: Sat, 19 May 2007 14:32:38 PDT

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The one that got away..

I’ve been thinking of getting an XBox 360 for a while now, but haven’t managed to bring myself to do it. I heard that someone at work was selling his so I went to ask him. What would incline someone to get rid of such a great system?? Well, he was *thinking* of selling it because his wife was pregnant with their first child and he wanted to get rid of the 360 to show that he would have time for her and the new baby. Reasonable enough, how many people would even consider doing this? But he also added that she doesn’t mind that he plays, emphasizing that she’s japanese she knows how boys are especially screwed up ones. I had to laugh at that part. So, it was decided that he would think about it while I look up some prices and bring him my offer of his premium 360 just a few months old, and controller and headset, no games.

Later that day he asked me if I had an offer yet but I told him I wasn’t going to look up prices while i was working and I would let him know the next day. The next day came and went, I wasn’t able to speak with him. I think it was 3 or 4 days later that he came to my desk and asked me about it and I said that the prices I saw were from $350 and up. Although he thought those prices were pretty good, he had decided that he wouldn’t be selling his 360 anymore. He just wasn’t ready to part with it just yet. Why? Halo 3. hahaha guess he wasn’t able to give it up. Too bad. I think I would of actually bought it this time. Instead, I decided it was time to buy a bike…

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