Nintendo Advertising All Over Town

Posted: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 20:03:39 PDT

Nintendo DS Ads Turn Heads On The Commute Home

New DS Ads advertising Nintendo’s Touch Generations games seem to be popping up everywhere in the city of Vancouver and now grace the city’s monorail giving commuters something to ponder while they sit waiting to get to their destination. Commuters are subjected to advertising whether or not they want to take notice. Nintendo’s Ads with their quirky yet truthful statements in bold lettering are in the perfect place for the perfect crowd.

Anyone who has ever had to commute can relate to the awkwardness on the train. Seats face each other so the other person naturally looks straight ahead. Maybe they are trying to look out of the window across from them, but there’s a person sitting there. They try not to be rude so as soon as they make eye contact with the person across from them, they look away.

When I saw this red DS Ad I couldn’t help but laugh, who hasn’t had a perv encounter on the train?

I think some people need more than 4 stops 😛

Perfectly placed right next to the window of the train.

***Note: All 3 Ads did not necessarily appear on the same train car, but there was at least one per train.

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