Nintendo Wi-Fi Woes

Posted: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 23:05:51 PST

Unrecognizable hardware halted my online gameplay

So a few days ago, I was all set to play some online DS games. My DS was all charged, I had a free block of time and was excited to play some CLUBHOUSE GAMES!
To my dismay however, my Nintendo Wi-fi USB Connector(Pictured below) decided to die on me. Or maybe it was my dying Computer that decided to wipe this piece of hardware from its memory banks. Can’t be too sure. But one thing was sure, my computer no longer recognized the USB Connector and that meant my online gaming was halted until I found a solution to this problem.

I’m used to working with a old Computer. I’ve had it crash on me complaining that drivers installed were incompatible after trying to print more than say 10 pages. I’ve had it restart on me when I was working in paint. And I’ve had to wait on numerous occasions while it opened applications or loaded a program. But for it to not work with my Nintendo USB Connector..that was really uncalled for. I think it is time for me to get a new machine..

I thought a quick solution would be to uninstall and re-install. I didn’t even think to see if the USB Connector was plugged in while I did this process. I just knew I had to do this and see if it worked.

After I re-installed it, and the Computer still would not recognize the USB Connector, I went to the Nintendo site for some help. I found the uninstall instructions and it revealed that the USB Connector has to be plugged in while you run the uninstall. Now I suspect when I ran the uninstall it wasn’t plugged in and that caused the device to not reset.

After trying several times to re-install the driver for the device and failing to get my computer to recognize my USB Connector, I gave up and decided to just configure my wireless router.
I don’t remember exactly why I bought the USB Connector to begin with, but I think it had something to do with my wireless router not working for the DS..still I wanted to give it a try.
Found some instructions on changing the router settings and was online in no time.

When I first bought my USB Connector, I had to configure various settings on the computer, open several ports and spent hours trying to get my DS to connect, but when that was finally done, I never gave it another thought. As long as my PC was on, I was able to play on Wi-fi. Too bad that couldn’t last.

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