Off to see The Wizard…

Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 18:49:06 PDT

…the wonderful…no wait there is so much else to do at PAX than see The Wizard!

So another PAX is upon us, and with its new location in the heart of Seattle, I am very much looking forward to it!
I know so many people who are going this year and actually a few of them are from It should be another fun-filled wknd indeed.

I have still been playing my DS a great deal this year but really not as much as I was playing it last year — the Wii and 360 are to blame for this. But I still hope
to join some tournaments at PAX.

PAX ’06: Tetris Tourney!

Check my blog for some wknd updates as I will be bringing my new laptop with me.

Best Buy. (Yes the best buy for my new laptop, but did I have to go through that much hassle???)

My ancient Sony Vaio desktop decided to finally quit on me, so I was in a real need for a new pc and fast. Not having a computer at home for a few days was frustrating, but that all changed after I got my new laptop.

But I must say that Best Buy, where I saved $400 on a new HP 17″ laptop, really disappointed me with its customer service, or lack thereof.

First of all, no one ever answers the friggin’ phone in the computers section so I wasn’t able to check before going to the store if the laptop I wanted was available.

Secondly, when I went to buy my laptop one employee told me they didn’t have it and it only came in the french version, but I later discovered what an idiot he was when I found the laptop myself just two feet away from where he told me an english version of the laptop didn’t exist.

And lastly, because they tried to sell me, the warranty, MS Office, and anti-virus software, he forgot to enter my free printer(it came with the laptop) and I had to go to Customer service so they could scan in all the items again.

But alas I am pleased with my laptop and in the end that is all that really matters.

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