Overcoming my fear…

Originally Posted: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 14:28:30 PDT

..of Metroid Prime 3…
A fear of playing Metroid?! Although you might think it strange, I have had a fear of playing the Wii version of Metroid since I first tried the demo at E3 (no not the latest E3 the *real* E3 in 2006). I remember the loooong wait to get into the Nintendo booth and then the lengthy lineups that awaited us inside. There was just too much to see and play, and after trying a few other games, it was decided that we would see how long the Metroid line would take.Everyone was playing the usual multi-player DS games to pass the time before their turn. As I got closer to the Metroid kiosk, I discovered that the reason why it was taking so long was because everyone was playing a 10 minute demo of the game. Great. Just Great. 10 minutes is a long time for a demo. I was already nervous knowing that the cranky line of people behind us would be watching me play. I didn’t know how I could get out of it, other than leaving the line. And yet I had waited too long, I just had to go through with it.

Although I had already tried the wiimote on the other Wii demos, this game was a little bit more complex. It started off okay but it wasn’t long before I started having trouble with the controls. The Nintendo rep showed me how to move the wiimote but it just wasn’t working for me. My wrist, instead, was flinging the controller in a weird awkward way. It took me a while to get the hang of this and my confidence plummeted…but I just kept playing..

I reached the enemy of the area, and, I guess I decided to embarrass myself even more…I don’t remember everything that happened. But from what I can recall it was similar to <b.torture,/b>. I fell off the edge several times, and heard people say that I was “finished” in the line-up. “That’s it!”, “She’s done”.. Stupid me wasting time killing the enemy, who wouldn’t be pissed off, if they had been waiting so long to play…but the Nintendo Rep told me to keep playing. I managed to defeat the enemy and the demo ended. After that, I quickly made my way to another game to erase what had just happened from my memory banks.

Since then, I have purposely avoided playing any more Metroid demos. There was a demo at PAX but I decided not to repeat the same mistake. The mere mention of the game made me cringe.

When Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was finally released, I didn’t have much interest in playing. After reading reviews, and hearing other people’s comments on the game, however, I couldn’t let my fear stand in the way of trying it. How could I miss out on an amazing game? My Wii needed to be played damnit.

I took a deep breath and started my save file…

Now, that I’ve played the game for a few hours, I can honestly say that I am really enjoying it. Who would of thought? I can’t say that I’m the best at the game, but I can definitely say that I can play it. The controls aren’t as challenging as I remember. So far, I’m finding that the puzzles are what I spend the most time on. There have already been many moments in the game that were friggin’ intense; and not because people were watching me play.

I’m going to try to put in at least a few hours a week on this game, and we’ll see how far I get. That Metroid Demo incident will forever be etched in memory, but the fears I once had about being able to play are slowly disappearing…

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