Thank you GameShark.

Posted: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 10:21:06 PDT
My Sega Dreamcast’s NEW Home

A few blogs ago, I mentioned my sudden urge to play my Dreamcast which sat atop my DVD player in the living room. Since then, I have found my original Dreamcast(the one I used to play
Phantasy Star Online with), and decided to move it to a new home…on my desk in my room next to my LCD monitor. I was glad to still have the VGA Adapter as well as *most* of my favorite games.
Although as mentioned, I do not have my Visual Memory Units(VMUs) so I don’t have any of my files…which can be a good thing since it makes me begin my game experience from the very beginning…

I thought it only fitting to play my current favorite game,Space Channel 5: Part 2, so in went the utopia loader(used to play import titles) and on went the Dreamcast and the monitor. When I turned it on however, I got a message saying the game was not compatible with the AV cable I was using…I was crushed. Grrrr…

Where the heck was my GameShark when I needed it?

I looked through all my DC game cartridges, even my CDs and VCDs…but no GameShark. I thought I remembered the Gameshark being in its very own case…but even that I could not find. Hmmm, I thought to myself..I guess I would have to settle for playing non-import games on my monitor…

The next day, I decided to ‘trick’ my Dreamcast, putting in the Utopia loader with it connected to the TV and then after it loads Space Channel 5: Part 2, switching the connection to the VGA Adapter. But when I did that…there was a problem with the monitor being compatible with the game, apparently the size of the game’s image did not fit….

I don’t know what made me open up Shenmue 2 case..but when I did, the GameShark was there smiling at me. Excellent!

If it weren’t for my Gameshark I wouldn’t be able to play my Dreamcast on my monitor with great games like Shenmue 2 and Space Channel 5: Part 2.(Ooooh Shenmue 2, you wouldn’t believe how crisp and gorgeous the graphics look! )

And because I’ve been spending a great deal of time on the computer these days, having the Dreamcast ready to play gives me another option while I take my breaks. And maybe it is time for me to reconnect with an old system, why leave it to dust when there are still games that amuse you? A game you haven’t beat? or even a game you’ve been wanting to play through again? I never thought I’d be happier to use my GameShark.
*note: I do not even use my gameshark for codes..I actually haven’t even tried…I just use it for my import games.

So, back to Space Channel 5: Part 2…

This game has a crazy cast of characters..but I think one of the most hilarious (and Famous!) is that of
Space Michael! Now, for a game based on dancing and Rhythm..who better to include than the King of Pop, himself?

I found this image online, even Sega said they couldn’t lose with Michael Jackson on their side.

But when talking about Space Channel 5, it has to also be mentioned that “Deee-lite’s Lady Miss Kier” sued SEGA over the likeness of Ulala’s character design, which she considered all too similar to hers. They did offer her compensation of $15,000…but Lady Miss Used-to-Have-a-Career wanted $750,000.

It occured to me that the Japanese must really be huge fans of Michael Jackson.

…although many of us in North America find him an Oddball among other things. But for them to include him in the game gave them more dance moves to use and a little bit more kick in this version. True, he did make a small appearance in the first Space Channel 5(check the credits it actually thanks Michael Jackson) but in this game he has a bigger role, after Ulala saves him that is.


Video Above is of Space Michael in action…however it may take a while to load…I recorded it during the last time I played “Report 4” and put it on Game Videos if you’d rather watch it “Space Michael”

And while Space Michael is one of the memorable characters in the game,

Ulala is joined by Jaguar
and Pudding for the second version which includes more NEW additions like Pine (Space Police)

…all add to the array of quirky characters you encounter on your mission to save the people from being stuck in a dance trance forever. Talk about dance fever..
Along the way among the people you rescue there are even more crazy unique characters like the bird watching guys!

I always try to rescue the “prize” hostage. From the Lead Birdwatcher to the lead Sky diver, the music will change depending on who you were able to rescue.

Yes, I know this game is set in the future..and perhaps Space Michael is just a clone, but wouldn’t it be awesome if for Space Channel 5: Part 3 they include new characters we are all too familiar with, like Madonna, or Prince even Michael Jackson’s sister, Janet?
Who would you want to see if they ever made another Space Channel 5?

Here’s to old systems, and the hours of enjoyment they continue to bring us!

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