Time’s up. The Wii has arrived.

Posted: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 16:55:31 PST

Bringing my Wii home….

No launch parties or free Reggie t-shirts here! Those with launch parties in their cities are damn lucky! There wasn’t anything like that here…

So excited to head off to the Downtown EB this morning with my pre-order! When I got there though there were lineups. One for pre-orders, the other for a chance to get one of their 8 systems..the line was pretty modest and a bonus that they let us wait inside..pouring rain this morning!

Rayman arrived to EB late, have to pass by again tmr..

Other than talking to those around me, I had to pass time playing DS. Inside, the EB guys admitted they each got to choose which system they would get. One said he still hadn’t put his Wii aside, the other said he is waiting for his PS3. I asked about the shirt and they said nope none…so disappointed!!! Those black Wii shirts they were wearing are nice too! What was the special they mentioned those with pre-orders would get, you ask? Some cheap deal with game trade-ins….

Had to see the rest of the crowds so next stop was the nearby Futureshop…and an even longer lineup. The rain didn’t seem to bother this crowd, they were much friendlier than the EB lineup. Those around me were too focused on making jokes about how they could get a Wii.

One guy said we should run around the block saying that the local London Drugs store had a ton of Wii consoles, another said we should jump the guy coming out of the store who looked the weakest and a third said we should just grab their tickets. hahaha, evil evil people.

Wii lights up Rainy day..

Front of the line seemed happy!

At first I just got in line most people at the end of the line had just arrived so I figured I’d have a good chance to get another system. Then some guy waiting behind me(They had just come from Best Buy where they were SOLD OUT) told me no ticket, no system.

I had to find out for myself if that was true so I went to ask the FutureShop employee at the front. He confirmed that if you didn’t get a ticket then you wouldn’t get a system. So I told him he should of let us all know so we didn’t have to wait in line..and he did…but that wasn’t until they let the last few ticketholders in. I think there were 30 people including myself who were turned away…grrrrr…Oh well, I still went in and played Guitar Hero2.

Only 100 Units, so those without tickets were out of luck.

The rush at Downtown Futureshop

There goes another Wii!

Launch day or not it was still a Sunday. Some people went to Church…and so did the Wii.

Walking around the city, it seemed like everyone was carrying a Wii around! Some guy saw mine and said “You got a Wii too!” damn right I did. Gosh the Wii is heavy but soo tiny!! I’m glad they double bagged it at EB.

EB Metrotown… this one opened late! (At around Lunchtime)

More dads and moms were lined up with their kids. I don’t miss the days when you had to rely on parents to buy you stuff..but I do miss that I didn’t have to use my own money! (Wii price total was ~$400!!)

Holding on to this Wii for a friend, she didn’t really want a photo, instead she wanted to lick the box…and did it! Mmm cardboard…
Success!! Target Acquired. was finally glad to get Wii home….

Not just a display box anymore 🙂


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