Virtual Console Gaming

Posted: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 20:33:24 PDT

VC Gaming and the Classic Controller: Almost Perfect

It’s been sometime since I last played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 and even back then I don’t think I finished it. Playing the game again on the Virtual Console feels like I’m playing a brand new game(with some familiar Zelda elements from Twilight Princess). Aside from the pixelation around Link and everything else, the story is really pulling me in.

The Virtual Console games continue to be a huge plus for the Wii. I can find old favorites and discover new games I’ve never played. The fact that my Wii collection hasn’t grown much since launch but my virtual console game collection has, really says something. And now that I’m making good use of the VC and spending my Wii points wisely, I think I’ll continue to find no fault in virtual console gaming…*wait* that’s until I realized that there is a negative aspect to playing with the classic controller..

..a cross between an old SNES controller and a Gamecube controller with a much sleeker look.

The classic controller can be used for all VC games, which is why it’s purchase was justified. But the difference in the controls initially made me wish I could just use a good a N64 controller for Ocarina of Time. All VC games have their buttons mapped to the respective buttons on the controllers, however, in some instances you may find that certain buttons just don’t exist, or are entirely different.

For Ocarina of Time, I still haven’t memorized the button scheme and what I’m told to press in the game doesn’t even apply to my controller. For example, when asked to use the arrow buttons to access my items, use instead the right analog control. Or when they keep telling you to target during attacking, it’s the Left analog button. One button combination eluded me and I found myself trying different buttons together before I was able to execute blocking with my shield. I ended up dying a few times while trying to experiment but later discovered it was the R & L analog buttons held down simultaneously. The controls can’t be the same, that’s just something you can’t change. But it is also something I can live with. A small trade-off when you get to re-play such great games(especially those that have “Zelda” in their titles) from your Wii.

The Classic Controller made 1UP’s list of top 10 Wii annoyances.

Using the Classic controller for Ocarina of Time has taken some getting used to.

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