Wii Shopping Issues

Posted: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 21:32:29 PST

My Wii Shopping complaints..

1) My router couldn’t connect to my Wii.

2) The Wii points are in USD.

3) CDN Taxes on top of the Wii points price.

My Wi-fi connection has always given me problems..
When my DS USB Connector broke and I had to rely on my wireless router, I had to fiddle with the router to get it to work with my DS. Recently, everytime I tried to connect to the Shopping Channel it just kept accessing…and accessing..sometimes an error message would result but most times it just froze there..looking for a connection. There was no way to exit the “connecting..” screen so I had to power down my system again and again. Today I decided I would take time out to look into the problem and figure out how to solve it…finally.

Nintendo.com was the first place I looked and proved to be the place to check for connection difficulties. I tried a few of their steps…and seconds later.. Ta-Da! I was on my way to purchase Wii Points! (Damn neighbours and all their wireless devices interfering with my connections) I can just hear the voice of the Staples EASY Button.. “That was easy”… haha. Only bought enough points for two purchases: Castlevania IV(I’ve been enjoying Portrait of Ruin on the DS (Yay Charlotte!) that I thought I’d go back in time to play one of the originals. The enemies are really creepy which make me want to kill them even more.)and Bonks Adventure.

Since I was on the site I decided to order new wii straps as well. I actually don’t like the wrist strap (it gets in the way). But I guess its protects my tv, and window, and others around me(well scratch that, I’ve already hit a few people with the wiimote)..My cat will enjoy chewing the old straps thats for sure.

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