Welcome World!

Let the Winter Olympics begin!!

Cheering on the torch run with hundreds of other people yesterday was only the beginning. After work I he

aded downtown to take in the sights and sounds of the first day of the Olympics. It is amazing how much Canadian pride one has when we’re the ones hosting the games!! The downtown core was painted with red and white. Everything had Vancouver 2010 on it… I even played some Wii Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics while waiting for the Opening Ceremony to begin!

The heartfelt tribute honoring the Luge athlete who passed away this morning was a fitting addition to the Ceremony. RIP Georgian Luge athlete, Nodar Kumaritashvili.

After seeing that amazing Opening Ceremony (minus the technical glitch with the cauldron), we headed outside to try to get a glimpse of Wayne Gretzky and the torch as he traveled by car to the external cauldron (I thought it was funny that if they left the indoor cauldron on it would deflate the roof of BC Place).

Imagine hundreds of people running the streets, yellowing “woohoo”, “He’s over here!”, “Where’s Wayne Gretzky??”,  running through puddles, over fallen umbrellas and even when the police yelled for them to stop. Wow that was quite the experience!!!! I will never forget running in the streets with that crazy flash mob. We ended up turning right onto the street where the cauldron was located just in time for the fireworks!!



Typical Vancouver weather, drizzly rain , didn’t stop the masses of people from coming out to celebrate the start of the winter games. Good luck to all the athletes and especially to Team Canada!!