I Am Way Out West 2013

IMG_1265The evening before the festival began at Slottsskogen (“Castle Forest” park in central Goteborg)

Being our first sommar in Sweden it was our first time at Way Out West in Göteborg! Posters for the festival were all over town and I was curious to see what all the fuss was about.

The musical line-up for the festival was quite impressive. There were performances by popular artists I had never heard of before like The Knife (more dancing than singing) and Håkan Hellström (the Swedes went wild while he was onstage, and it’s no surprise as his hometown is Göteborg) as well as ones that I marked on my list to see, such as, Of Monsters and Men, Miguel, Public Enemy, Kendrick Lamar and Alicia Keys. It was nice to be able to see what the other stages had on to see some random acts as well. It’s one of the great things about festivals – you can discover new music, and just wander around during performances if you feel like it. There was a good festival vibe all around.

IMG_1279Map of the festival grounds at Slottsskogen

IMG_1297The park looks so different with all the vendors and stages set-up. Hard to believe it’s the same place I used to do my morning runs!


IMG_1357Stage clean-up at the end of the night

IMG_1358Huge iPhones 😉

IMG_1369Public Enemy!

IMG_1384Alicia Keys closed out Way Out West 2013

Being a fan of Alicia Keys from the very start, I was thrilled to get the chance to see her perform my favorite songs
live! She is such a talented artist and really knows how to pump up the crowd, although I must say, the crowd was
already pretty hyped to see her perform!!

A clip from Alicia Keys performing “You Don’t Know My Name”

Alicia calls the guy from the restaurant Hahaha

Festival food was hit or miss. We definitely liked the Churros from mandelmannen.se,
The VEGETARIAN Pho on the otherhand…
should have known it wouldn’t be good without MEAT. All food served on festival grounds is Vegetarian!

IMG_3493Obviously Not Authentic…

IMG_3525Something’s missing…oh yeah the Meat!

Saw a few films during the festival as well and checked out 3 of 5 theatres where films were being screened. It was a
great way to escape the rain, however, I was disappointed that many of the special screenings only had Swedish subtitles like the Swedish world premiere of “Easy Money” (or Snabba Cash). The website neglected to mention that information. I unfortunately wasn’t able to see a few films I was looking forward to checking out.

IMG_1273New this year was a tent at Slottsskogen screening evening films

Svensk Sommar is a mix of sunshine and rain, and it’s been like this for the majority of August. We weren’t allowed to bring umbrellas (paraply) on site but there were ponchos at various tents. Fortunately, the torrential downpour waited until after Alicia Key’s performance on Saturday night. We biked home in the rain, soaked, but didn’t matter as we were still on cloud 9 after an amazing performance.

IMG_1275Ben & Jerry’s Rain Ponchos!!


I always wondered where all the Tretorns were in the winter, being a Swedish brand and all. I’ve seen more
hunters here. But now I know. When Hipster Swedes aren’t wearing Converse, than they are wearing Tretorns because the
festival grounds can get muddy, Although I must point out that they did make good use of the rubber mats near the

IMG_3558This pic would be so perfect If the dog was wearing converse too

Didn’t get a chance to attend any of the Way Out West Talks but most of them were in Swedish. Overall, I had an awesome time at the festival! Saw some great performances, checked out a few films and made sure to take home some festival swag 😉