More Wii Consoles instock!

Posted: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 22:53:53 PDT

And the purchase of another Wii Game (finally)…
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Another stock of Wii consoles are available at local stores again.. I wonder how long this supply will last (this sign was up on Friday). Glad to see they have more consoles especially since more Wii Kiosks are traveling the city with the Nintendo Fusion Tour.

It always makes me feel good when I can help someone…wouldn’t you agree?
While shopping for a new Wii Game this weekend, two happy shoppers, ecstatic at the fact that they had finally found a Wii after months of searching in the U.S., needed some help choosing games for their new Wii. They asked a friend of mine which Wii games he had played. Twilight Princess, Wii sports, and Rayman were the ones we mentioned, and I also told him a little bit about what to expect from Rayman (how it’s only 1p and that there are different views on how much fun the game really is). How to choose which Wii game to buy really would depend on what genre of games they enjoyed. Can you believe the guy actually said “Mini-games” were his favorite? Well, upon hearing this, I suggested Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (I was planning on picking up a copy myself) and Mario Party 8, a good party game and up to 4 players. He asked what the icon of the Nunchuck meant on the back of the game box I told him that meant the game used the Nunchuck and yes he may need up to 4 of them depending on how many Wii remotes were being used.

Another game I was planning to get was Wii Play, but I couldn’t seem to find it. When I mentioned this game to them, they actually knew which game I was referring to and pointed it out to me. It was in the Wii peripherals section because it comes with an extra Wii remote. At $59.99, I thought it was a great deal that I couldn’t pass on. Satisfied about my find, I picked up another Nunchuck along with a copy of Wii Play and as I was leaving the aisle, they thanked us for helping them decide on the games (although I’m not really sure which ones they ultimately decided to buy). Just before I left the store, I glanced over at them and saw the huge smiles on their faces as their new Wii was being placed into a plastic bag ready to take home. Just another example of more happy Wii owners!

I’ve already tried the Japanese version of Wii Play and what I had the most fun playing was the new Duck Hunt. Just like I remember minus the orange gun and my old black & white T.V., but still very very addictive. Yes, I’ve read the reviews on Wii Play and they are all less than 7/10. But I really think the few mini-games that stand out from the 9 included in Wii Play will be enough to make this game worth the purchase.

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