Rain, Bottled Water, and the PS3!

Posted: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 22:24:18 PST

PS3 Launch Day is Upon us!

Not getting a PS3 but still couldn’t help but visit the downtown Future Shop to see what was brewing…..

4pm Thursday, The very first person was there 10pm on Wednesday

Where are the Nintendo DSes or the PSPs??? One laptop, a few novels..Hmm, this lot didn’t seem interested at all in keeping the Playstations for themselves. Only one guy was brave enough to say he wasn’t there in hopes of turning a profit from the sale of the system – good for him!

I was excited to find there were about 20 or so people already nestled upstairs by the entrance to the store.

Blocking the elevator! Making themselves comfy only to be moved outside at 10pm

I was told this store has 20-28 copies(most of them the $100 or so dollars less 20Gig version of the system) and the store WILL open earlier…not at midnight but 8AM Friday Morning. Sure they were inside in the building during store hours but would be forced to wait outside after store hours….hmmm, it won’t be that cold tonite will it?

Weather Forecast? Rain and lots of it, as a storm is here all week…

With that storm comes a Boil Water Advisory! Obviously murky tap water all over the city sends scores of people to the store in search for filtered water, bottled water and even settling for flavoured water(yuck).

But with finding the water aisle’s empty shelves and long lineups at the spring water machines that soon ran dry, many people left empty handed. Hmm, that sounds like what may happen with the PS3 launch tomorrow…

“Some crazy guy wants to buy me just to sell me and paid a homeless man $500 to save his spot in line at Best Buy!!”


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